Thursday, March 21, 2013


BBC and I are getting married!!!!

Brandon asked me to marry him last week and then I immediately asked him to marry me. That might be strange, but I thought it was fitting. After all, I wanted to make sure that the feeling was mutual.

The thing that I'm quickly learning about being engaged is that everybody wants to know every  detail about the engagement and wedding plans. I feel a little bit exhausted talking about it, but the excitement has yet to wear off. I also feel pretty protective about our special moment, so here are the details I'm willing to share: BBC proposed sweetly, I said yes, we both cried tears of joy, and we will skip an engagement ring and go straight for the wedding band. (I'm a minimalist when it comes to wearing jewelry and find two rings a bit excessive.)

This past Sunday we made the calls to our families to tell them the good news and of course they were all very happy and excited for us. Our original plan was to put off wedding talk and preparations for 6 months so we could figure out what we wanted, but alas we quickly realized we wanted the same thing and are now chugging away with the plans.

So, what will this Dar-Crowe (thanks, Trailer Space boys for the nickname) shindig entail? We're crossing our fingers that we can get the Zilker Clubhouse in October, since that is the location where our romance began. It has a beautiful view of the city and the laid back atmosphere and rules suit us best. We will have a very small, simple ceremony with just our immediate family followed by a reception with all of our cherished friends. As we started to look at all the people in our lives that we love, our numbers went through the roof, which is also the reason why I won't be having any bridesmaids. To all my best ladies, you can now breathe easier knowing that I won't put you in a hideous $300 potato sack.

Honestly, words cannot even begin to express how excited I am! I want to squeal and jump up and down just thinking of kissing my soon-to-be husband. I've said it many times, but I wake up every morning feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. I've been so blessed to find Brandon. He has brightened my life, helped me love myself more fully, is my best friend, understands me from top to bottom while loving all the mess in between, and makes me want to be the best woman in the world. I can't wait to spend 80 years with him by my side!


SXSW is over and I'm just starting to feel the relief at the end of the hectic tunnel. Even though I escaped the city for much of SXSW, my adventures in Dallas maintained the same level of fun and excitement!

This past weekend started with a BANG! Thursday night Jamie and I went to the Nick Cave concert in Dallas, with half of Austin. It was great bumping into handfuls of friends: Jenna, Candice, Tonucci, Carson, the Webbs, Beth, Matt, Gina, Catherine, Ms. Fox, Alison, and Jeremy to name a few. Our second row seats were outstanding, but quickly became useless when Nick Cave invited the entire audience to get out of their staunch seats and up front to the stage. His performance was intense, to say the least. It was, hands down, the best concert I've ever been to! You can watch an amazing video from the front HERE. Here are some of my own pics:

Friday morning Jamie and I started our day brilliantly with mimosas, followed by an afternoon at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles' pool. The weather was perfect, the Jell-O shots were $1.00, and the company was great. I learned that the Eagles started Mother's Day, women must get the approval of two female members of the ladies auxiliary for membership, and those Eagles can throw a mean pool party. Jamie submitted an application and I can't wait to find out what the initiation is going to entail.

Delivering our bargain beers

Poolside jigglers

Saturday in Dallas was the biggest St. Patrick's Day celebration I've ever experienced. Our original plan was to make green gin and juice Jell-O shots, jump on a parade float, throw those Jell-o shooters to parade goers, and essentially be the ultimate winner of the parade. We failed at the Jell-O shots and slept through the start of the early morning parade. Our celebration wasn't a bust, however, and we hit the streets with Audra for a day of drinks, sunshine, awkward cab rides, tons of frat boys, tiny hats, and green, green, green. Our day ended with a terrible Snoop Lion concert and then I was off on a Mega Bus back to Austin.
Tiny hats

Tiny dogs in tiny hats

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Friday on Tuesday

Today is my last day in the office before I start my own spring break vacation!

I typically take the week of spring break off to run amuck at SXSW, but this year Nick Cave and the tasks of organizing our new house has thrown a wrench in the tradition. This is not a complaint, as I feel blessed to be able to skip out on the frenzy while not feeling like I'm missing out on anything. Perhaps this is a sign of "settling down," since I no longer care about missing the party. That being said, you can bet your ass I'm still going to have a great time! Here are my personal party plans:

  • Tuesday: My sweetie has been working tirelessly this week. Most of his shifts are 16 hours long, from 11am - 3am. He has the night off tonight, so we will certainly be hitting the town with our first stop being Chelsea and Aaron's annual crawfish boil with over 100 pounds of crawfish! I'm ready to get messy.
  • Wendesday: Wednesday will be my first official free day, but I don't have much of anything planned just yet.
  • Thursday: Watch out Dallas, here we come. There are caravans full of friends headed up to Big D for the Nick Cave show and I can't wait to get moody. Beth, Matt, and I will be leaving early in the afternoon to try to avoid some traffic and get rested for our pre-gaming session. Since my sweetie can't attend, Jamie will be my date in the 2nd row and I can't wait to squeal with her.

  • Friday: Two words: KING SPA! Beth had the brilliant idea of spending the day at King Spa for rest and relaxation. $20 gets you in for 24 hours of spas, saunas, and Korean food.

  • Saturday: Saturday I will join Jamie for the Dallas Observer's St. Patrick's Day parade and concert with Snoop Dogg! What does one wear to such an event? I can't decide if sweat pants or head-to-toe green rhinestones is more appropriate.
  • Sunday: There is only one event during SXSW that I never miss, Doug's Chili Cheese Dog Fest. This year mark's the 4th year and the line-up is better than ever: Hacienda, Golden Boys, Spider Bags, Crack Pipes, December Boys, and my sweetie's band, Gospel Truth. I may be missing out on SXSW-proper, but my Sunday will make up for all of that!
Gina, Beth, Heather, Jamie and a bruised LD at Chili Dog Fest 2

Monday, March 11, 2013

BBC's Crying Purple Tears

I woke up this morning feeling like a zombie woman on a mission. The zombie part comes from being woken up by my sweetie at 2:30am when he got home from work. He burst into our bedroom full of energy and excitement and a face full of happy tears. Sure, my sweetie frequently cries tears of joy, but he has never been so full of excited energy like he was last night. What could have brought this on, you ask?! One simple, purple word: PRINCE! Last night it was announced that Prince would be playing at SXSW on Saturday. I should have taken a video of my 40 year old boo crying like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert, but it pretty much looked just like this:

So, how much does BBC like Prince? God, I'm not sure if I can even put that into words. When he was a kid, his parents thought he might be gay because he had a nearly-nude poster of Prince hanging above his bed. A couple of weeks ago, he listened to the latest Prince song over and over and over and over....... and then talked my ear off about how amazing it is. While I thought it was campy, he schooled me on old-school Prince style until I begged him to stop geeking out. Brandon knows more Prince trivia and history than Wikipedia! AND he's sat through all 3 of Prince's movies, which we all know is a struggle for even the biggest Prince fans. Last night when I texted him at work about the Prince SXSW show, he left his post at the bar to run to the bathroom to control his excitement and tears of joy. So that brings me to my mission. I am going to do everything I can to get my sweetie into that show.

I'm rolling with the punches and obstacles as the come: I had plans to be in Dallas this weekend but I'm cutting it short, BBC doesn't have a SXSW badge, there's the chance that tickets will be issued through a lottery like most of these huge last minute SXSW shows are, I may have to camp out over the week to hold his space in line. I don't know what it's going to take, but I'm up for the challenged! I think the first step is getting that SXSW badge that I scoff at every year. So, I've started a FundMe page to raise contributions. You can donate HERE. Every penny helps!

Friday, March 8, 2013

5 Facts Friday

  • Sea Monkey Update: I have been successful in keeping my sea monkeys alive for over 3 months now, which is no small feat. I currently have 3 pregnant females, and while I'm not sure what happened, the 2 that were previously pregnant either died or didn't have viable babies. About a month ago there was a fight and I think one was eaten, so it must be pretty hard to raise children amongst rampant cannibalism.

  • The exterminator did not tell me about the roach carcasses that would surface after extermination. I found 3 yesterday! While it's super gross, I'd prefer a dead roach to a running roach.
  • I wish I could take a better picture of this, but it just doesn't show up well. I still have a huge bruise around my 4 month old tattoo. I took almost a year for the bruising to fade around the last one, so I guess this is "normal". I think my superpower is bruising and HERE and HERE is the past blogs to prove it.

  • Yesterday I had my first Doritos Locos Cool Ranch taco from Taco Bell. While I wasn't really a fan of the original Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos taco, I was very,  excited about the Cool Ranch taco. My verdict: It tastes like a normal Taco Bell taco with a little bit of zest. The highlight of my DLT experience, however, was being shamed while eating it at my desk when a student of mine walked in on me. I'll have you know, that this isn't the first time I've been embarrassed by Taco Bell at work, which brings me to my final tidbit...
  • A couple of years ago I had a bug problem in my office and was repeatedly calling the exterminators on campus. After a stressful bout of grant proposals I decided to gorge myself on Taco Bell and locked my door so nobody would witness the taco-caust. I ignored an aggressive knock on my door only to be surprised when I heard keys jingling to unlock it. Stricken with the thought of being viewed as a big 'ole fatty, I hid my half-eaten tostada in my desk drawer and rushed to let the stranger in. The aforementioned stranger was none other than the exterminator, who then opened my desk drawer to find a stash of unwrapped food. Like a pro, he pointed at the dollop of sour cream that smeared along the side my steno pad and with total dead pan delivery said, "I think I've found your problem." Oh, it gets better..... I felt forced to explain myself, so I poured my heart out to this strange and told him I was stress eating, tried to ignore his knock, and then panicked out of fear and embarrassment. "I'll never understand women," was his response. So true, Orkin Man, so true!  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MORE New House Tidbits

  • We're finally getting things hung on the walls. Here's a picture of Hazel, the deer and Maude, the dik dik resting peacefully on their new walls.

  • This past Sunday my cat, Boris, sunk his vampire fangs into my hand leaving me with four puncture holes. It was pretty intense and I nearly fainted from the pain, but it was just a quick moment of dramatics. A friendly neighbor cat, who I call Russell, was trying to introduce himself to Boris when a cat fight nearly broke out. I pushed Boris into the house and his jaws clamped down on my hand. I went to the doctor and got a tetanus shot and some antibiotics, because cats have pretty nasty teeth and talons. The following day I found this dead mouse, presumably killed by Russell and left as a peace offering to Boris. Wouldn't that be adorable if Boris had a hunting buddy?!

  • In more Boris news, I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of a kitty cat collar cam so I can voyeur on his daily activities while he checks out the new neighborhood. Live blog, cat cam coming in the future?
Not my cat, but Boris will look equally foolish

  • We are slowly getting our kitchen organized, which has been the biggest struggle. It is nearly three times as big as my old kitchen, and with so many organizational options I've been dragging my feet. It's been a little hard to learn the ideal layout because our oven hasn't worked since we've moved in, so we haven't been using the kitchen like we normally will. Fortunately, my diet of salads and sandwiches should be changing soon, as we will be getting a new one oven 5-10 days. 
  • We have a roach problem! It has been a very, very long time since I had to deal with roaches as they never made their way into my garage apartment. The exterminators came this morning, so I can now sleep soundly knowing my kitchen isn't being raided. 
  • Boris and Cecilia received their first housewarming present! Cousin Simon (Aunt Jules helped, I'm sure) sent them the cutest, tiniest parcel I've ever seen. The package was no bigger than the palm of my hand and a colorful die (singular of dice) was wrapped up in tiny newspaper print. Thanks, Cousin Simon and Aunt Jules!
The new place is to die for!

  • I've slowly been getting used to taking showers instead of bubble baths, but the plumber came out yesterday to make sure a renovation of the bathroom was possible and he gave the go-ahead on installing a bathtub. Every time I'm in our tiny, one-person shower stall I sing a version of Taylor Swift's We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together  and it goes like this: "We are never, ever, ever taking couple showers. You go take your shower, I'll take my shower separately, cause we are never, ever, ever taking couples showers." Naturally, I think it's adorable! Here's the original so you can sing along with my version: