Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Moving, Moving, Moving

My sweetie and I are moving into our new house this weekend! I've never been so excited about a move before, but at the same time I'm stressing myself out. It's been over 3 years since I last moved and I feel a little out of practice.

The only thing I've packed so far is my sweater collection. My garage apartment is too tiny to hoard boxes, so pre-packing is kind of hard until we get all the big stuff out. Also, it's kind of hard to transport carloads of clothing and bulky things that won't get packed since I don't actually have a car! I'm hoping to borrow some wheels tonight and tomorrow to start trucking some carloads over. Saturday will be our big moving day and it looks like we will have plenty of friends lending their hands and muscles. And since we're only moving a couple of blocks away, the move should be pretty painless.

Here are some moving tibits:
  • Our new kitchen is nearly three times the size of my tiny, houseboat-sized kitchen, which puts a big smile on my face.
  • The dream couch I had anticipated buying won't fit in our narrow living room, so we will be keeping my current couch for the meantime while reevaluating our needs.
  • I'm in love with the exposed brick wall in our living room!
  • A friend has been painting the bedroom and living room these past two days and I've so pleased with the quality of the work and the colors we chose! It's a lovely light grey with a darker green-hued grey trim. Do you have home maintenance or repairs and need a contractor? Here is his website. Here are the colors we chose:
Wall color: Cathedral Grey
Trim color, Stepping Stones

  • We've decided to mount our TV from the ceiling! The living room is pretty narrow and we have a very limited choice for couch/TV placement, so this is the best option. 
  • I hardly ever take showers and primarily take baths, which is why the lack of a bath seems dreadful to me. Luckily, we are going to get one installed shortly after we move in. Dreams do come true!

I can't wait to post some photos and have friends over! So, in anticipation of my busy days ahead of me, my blog will be silent for a wee bit.

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