Thursday, February 14, 2013

And One to Grow On

My birthday is tomorrow!! I will be turning 30 (for the 2nd time) and if it's half as wonderful as this past year has been then I'm in for a treat.

I had such a wonderful birthday bash last year that included an open bar, dancing, a champagne tower, all of my favorite people, rhinestones, and even a hora chair dance celebration. (You can check out the blog post about it HERE.) After last year's epic party, it just doesn't feel right to celebrate this year, so I'm not really going to! I'm taking the day off work and tomorrow I will celebrate Ish's birthday at Kome and Trailer Space, Saturday Gospel Truth is playing at Beerland, and Beth will be hosting a casual birthday brunch in my honor Sunday morning. Thirty one kind of feels like a gyp to me, so I think I will just lay low until I hit the big four-0. However, I'm never above birthday presents, so here's what's on my list:

  • A facial from the beautiful, Ella at Esty

  • To watch the HBO Beyonce documentary, Life is But a Dream  that airs February 16th:

while eating this:

  • Korean BBQ! A couple of months ago I joined Tom Lee and Alan at a friend's house for an amazing Korean BBQ dinner that I have not been able to stop thinking about. I have a need for some delicious meats, kimchis, and Soju. Somebody take me to Korea House.

  • A gold nugget Texas ring

  • A pigeon (I ask for this every year!)

Jules gave me this awesome knit pidge last year!

  • A bunny butt cotton ball dispenser

But in all honestly, I'm given the best present each day by having such wonderful friends and my amazing sweetie. 30 has absolutely wonderful and the best year of my life! Starting tomorrow I'm on a mission to make it the best decade of my life! Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray!

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