Friday, February 22, 2013

5 Facts Friday

  • I finally got my gold nugget Texas ring! I've been looking for one in my size (and price range) since about 2005, and I found this on eBay at bargain basement pricing!
Texas, baby!
  • Tomorrow morning we move! I still have so much work to do and tonight will begin to "breakdown" my apartment and organizing moving zones. I feel stressed, but just need to jump in and tackle it. Fortunately, we will be having friends help, which I'm pretty sure will look like this:
  • Every time I tape up another packed box, I hear this song in my head:

  • One thing I dreaded this Christmas, while visiting BBC's family, was the thought that we might play a game of Scrabble. I'm terrible at Scrabble, frequently get frustrated with all the word options, and am a very sore loser. Thank goodness we didn't play, but as we where packing up to go, Brandon's mom mentioned that we forgot to play Scrabble. Since then I have been practicing by playing Words With Friends and I'm getting much better. I've even won a handful of games! Look out Crowes, I'll be spelling in no time. 
  • My sweetie and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary next weekend and it been the best year of my life! We will be celebrating at the end of March with a trip to Marfa. 

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