Friday, February 1, 2013

5 Beyonce Facts Friday

Ladies and gentleman, I don't think I've ever been in such a great mood while at work on a Friday afternoon. I just had an lovely lunch with JJ, Beth, and Gina at Easy Tiger and I will be leaving the office early today to show my apartment to potential new tenants (even though I have my fingers crossed that Bridget will be getting the apartment). I don't have any exciting plans this weekend, except to watch Beyonce perform during the Super Bowl halftime show, but that's pretty exciting in and of itself. Without further ado, here are some Beyonce themed things for your Friday afternoon:

  • I watched this yesterday and cried

  • I told my sweetie that I wanted Beyonce dance lessons for my birthday and I wasn't joking. I think, however, that this may be the closest to the real thing that I will get: 47 of Beyonce's Absolute Best Dance Moves!
  •  Here's an old school ghetto B throwback

  • In super gushy girly news, this is the song I will walk down the aisle to when my sweetie and I get married:
  • Darn, I don't have a 5th Beyonce thing!! I guess this works: at my birthday party last year, Gina gave me a sparkly convenience store ring while we were on the dance floor getting down to Single Ladies,  and that was pretty amazing!

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Jessica said...

Now I have to hurry up and get married first.