Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Tuesday, y'all! Here are some tidbits
  • My sea monkeys doubled in size over the weekend!
  • My BF got a missed connection on Craigslist. Several people from his work told him about it, which I guess is pretty exciting. He remembers the girl, because well.... she was smoking herb in the alleyway. In true sweetie form, he sent her a nice little email saying that he was flattered, but had a girlfriend that he was very much in love with. Naturally, I was upset that he didn't tell her that he had a beautiful  girlfriend that he was very much in love with. What is even more adorable is that the red beanie she mentions is actually a lovely, ladies knit cap from Etsy that my mum gave me for Christmas several years ago.

Girly head wear on my burly babe
  • I got a tattoo last month that I haven't really shared it with anybody yet. It's a traditional style cartoon representation of my kitty, Cecilia on the inside of my right arm. I think I'm a pretty tough girl and I have bigger tattoos that took longer to complete, but this tattoo was outrageously painful. Not only did my arm swell up something fierce, but I still have a huge bruise around that area. If I had only thought about it, I might have realized that the inside of the arm is a really sensitive place and chosen somewhere else, but fortunately I powered through it! Here's a photo:

  • Guess who got a summons for jury duty yesterday!!! ME. I actually really like jury duty and feel proud that it's my civic duty to potentially judge potential criminals.
  • Lately I've been having thoughts of rushing to the dealership and buying a new car. Granted, that seems like an irresponsible thing to do, but I know I will be buying a car this year, I know the car that I want, and really the only thing stopping me from going to buy it is laziness. This weekend BBC and I are going to DFW and I think it would just be great to go in my brand new car  (said in my best Price is Right voice)!
Vroom, vroom

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