Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm Down For Whatever, DFW!

This past weekend my sweetie and I took a little road trip to the DFW area. We weren't there very long, but we managed to fill our three city tour with lots of great memories.

Our first stop was my father's house in Ft. Worth where BBC met my father and step-mother for the first time. He is only the third living friend of mine to ever meet my father, so that is kind of pivotal. We had a great time sharing cocktails, catching up, and snuggling with my "brother" Max. Brandon said that it felt like we were just hanging out with some old friends of ours, which makes me pretty happy. Spending time with my family is usually low key and just like drinking beers with your buddies, so he fits right in.

"Brother" Max and "Sister" Ella cozy by the fireplace

Sunday afternoon we trekked to Denton to celebrate the impending birth of the Baish twins. Not only was it enjoyable to see my old college town and show Brandon some landmarks in my history, but it was great to see Kenna and Josh. Of course, that radiant beauty still wears a smaller size than me even with two buns in her oven. The shower was at Rubber Gloves, we had lots of fun, and I got to hold the club's mascot, Pepe Lopez!

Kenna, Josh, and their little nuggets

Pepe Lopez in my hands!

After the shower, we made our way to Dallas and grabbed a quick drink with Jamie. Audra was not in tow, as that B ran off for a quickie vacation in Austin as soon as we arrived in Big D.

Our Sunday night ended at my Grandmother's house and she instantly adored Brandon, showering him with compliments and kisses. My grandmother is an exceptional lady and an unconventional matriarch to our family. She drinks like a fish, curses like a sailor, and has the best stories even if they are only partly true. We sat up chatting until after 1am (BBC crashed at midnight) and only went to sleep when the wine river finally ran dry. Granny is full of surprises: she loved my electronic cigarette, taking more puffs of it than I did, and said that she'd like to meet a man who makes her want to get in his wheelchair  in a septuagenarian's get in his pants  reference.

As we headed out Monday we made a few required stops at Good Records and Dolly Python. The vintage baby coffins and taxidermy at Dolly Python always catch my eye, while BBC seemed to enjoy the head wear most

Raven-headed Martha Washington wig

Oddfellow hat from Bruce Lee Webb

BBC and I have been craving Grandy's biscuits for months now (see old blog references HERE) and were looking forward to our DFW trip with mouthwatering anticipation. The Dallas area is the closest location that still has Grandy's restaurants, so we mapped all the locations on our way home to Austin and stopped off to watch the Presidential inauguration while shoving gravy into our faces. It was as cheap and delicious as we had remembered, but afterwards we were both pretty happy that there aren't any in Austin to fatten our waistlines. In BBC trivia, his first job was as a biscuit boy at Grandy's in Bryan, Texas.

Two number 5s, please!

I cleaned my plate!
BBC makes a sammy outta his chicken fried steak

Our trip was pretty great, even though we didn't get to spend as much time playing as we would have liked to. I'm constantly surprised by how wonderful Brandon and I are together. We both love adventuring on our travels and stopping off frequently to check out strange looking places or to grab a drink at small town watering holes. And after our Christmas travels and this DFW trip, I realize that I love my family, but visiting them with my sweetie completely eliminates that family-stress that sometimes creeps up mid visit. Here's to more travels and adventures in our coming years!

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