Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Great-cation

Well, my Christmas vacation is over and I'm back at work after nearly two weeks off. This year I went with my sweetie to Georgia to spend Christmas with his family before heading to Houston to stop in with my mum and dad. I had a wonderful time and would easily say this was my favorite Christmas ever. Here's a quick vacation review with the help of some photos:

We started our vacation with a 16+ hour drive to Georgia, which was much better than I had anticipated. The best part of our road trip was a stop off in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to meet the LSU mascot, Mike. While taking this photo, Mike purred at me, which sounded more like a soft roar and startled me so much that I jumped.

Mike the tiger

Our first destination was a small town outside of Macon, Georgia at BBC's parents' home. I had met his parents one time prior and immediately liked them. His father is a Georgia farm boy who likes to poke fun of me for working at the University of Texas. He's a Texas A&M graduate and told everybody he introduced me to that he was making me sleep in the garage on a cot since I'm a longhorn. Brandon's mother is such a sweet southern belle. I loved learning about their family's history and looking at old photos with her. They really accepted me as a part of their family immediately and made my visit so special.

Baby BBC
BBC's great, great maternal grandfather
1911, BBC's paternal great grandfather as a child
BBC's father and uncles. It's a fishin' family, y'all!
BBC playing weedeater with his band Feedback in 1987

On Christmas day the family traveled to St. Simon's Island on the coast of Georgia for a couple of days at the beach. I am a beach girl through and through, so I was really looking forward to this part. The town was pretty deserted, so we got the entire beach to ourselves!

The beach was our backyard
Horseshoe crab on the beach.

St. Simon's beach Christmas driftwood tree

St. Simons' working lighthouse
Long walks on the beach with my sweetie

We had one day trip while in St. Simon's to Jekyll Island, which used to be the private beach resort of the wealthy, such as the Rockefeller and JP Morgan families. It was so beautiful and walking amongst the posh cottages made me think of my favorite heiress, Evelyan Walsh McLean

Mossy tree at Jekyll Island Club
I've always wanted to find a sandollar on the beach!
Yes, I'm the city girl wearing heels on the beach

We drove to Houston from St. Simons, which felt like it took 3 hours more than the drive out there. We were able to immediately crash once we got to my mum and dad's house, but not before we had our second round of Christmas presents. I showed my sweetie around my hometown hitting all the hot spots like my childhood home, League City's premier townie bars, and the Kemah boardwalk. We also got to spend some quality time with my sister and her little family. My neice and nephew are growing up so fast, but I guess that's how time works.

Making friends at the Kemah Aquarium
Me feeding "sea pigons"
My favorite Kemah gal, Evalyn Walsh McLean portrait at Tookie's

We got back home in Austin New Year's Eve, just in time to unpack and head to the Liberty for a show that BBC was playing in a Stooge's cover band. It was a mellow night for us, but was the perfect way to wrap up our splendid Christmas holiday.

Our 1st photo of the new year

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