Friday, January 25, 2013

5 Facts Friday

  • I haven't bought new panties in close to 5 years. I know that sounds crazy, but my grandmother used to work at a lingerie store and kept me well stocked in the finest lace. My dainty knickers have since been worn in/out and my lovely underthings look dumpy and sad. My favorite purchase of the new year has been a dozen newsies to replace the oldsies.
  • So, this happened and I never knew about it:
  • One of my sea monkeys is pregnant! Well, according to the internet, they don't actually "get pregnant", but rather carry around cyst babies that will be laid at the bottom of the aquarium until they hatch. Either way, she's glowing and I'm going to be a grandmother. The whole "cyst babies" sounds gross, but not nearly as gross as watching them copulate for two days. Here's a photo of the mother to be (that green stuff is food):

  • Yay, my birthday is coming up! Last year I had such a great party that I don't think anything can top it, so I will celebrate quietly. Stayten and I tried to get psychic birthday readings last year, but the results from our I-35 "psychic" were exactly the same and far from accurate. I think I'll splurge this year and make an appointment well in advance. 
  • I am really looking forward to doing absolutely nothing this weekend! Well, not actually nothing,  but I've been traveling so much lately that I'm excited about staying home and taking care of some chores. Interested in what I'll be doing? Here's my list:
    • I'm working on a Pinterest craft project, which is always a risk, but it involves spray paint and a doormat. 
    • I'm in the process of thinning out my heard of clothes and eliminating everything that I haven't worn in two years. So this weekend, I will be seperating out things to post and sell on eBay and getting a nice pile together for a friend's clothing swap in February. So far I have decided to part with ten of my 140+ sweaters, so I'm pretty proud of myself!
    • Valentines, Valentines, Valentines! I never send out Christmas cards, but instead choose February as my busiest mail month and will start making my Valentine's Day cards this weekend.
    • In more "get rid of stuff" news, I will be sorting through additional things in my home before BBC and I make the big move to our new house. Various collected thrift store art work, kitchen things, beauty items, and craft supplies. The next ladies movie night should be a good one for giveaways!

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Leticia said...

I want to see a psychic! I must know what the future holds. Hopefully more hot dogs.