Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Best of 2012

My twelve favorite things about 2012:

 1. Three letters.... BBC. This time last year I would have emphatically told you that I didn't want, nor need, a boyfriend, but Brandon is so much more than just a boyfriend. I feel so lucky that a longtime acquaintance of mine turned into my best friend and partner in crime!

  2. Turning 30! Not only has 30 been the best year of my life, but I also had the best birthday party ever. My 30th bar mitzvah had a champagne tower, rhinestoned yarmulkes, dancing, tons of balloons, and pretty, pretty party dresses!

 3. Finally making that last credit card payment from my overwhelming debt! I'm not completely out of the hole, as I have some medical debt and student loans, but damn it felt good to write that last check.

 4. Monthly ladies movie nights! I've always hosted ladies nights throughout the past, but this year we successfully had regular, monthly movie nights. You can read more about them HERE.

Post movie dance party to Toto
 5. Electronic cigarettes. 2012 will go down as the year I stopped smoking cigarettes socially and became addicted to electronic cigarettes. Really, I love them and I smoke at my desk all day long, on airplanes, in movie theaters, while taking bubble baths.....

Blu-ing it up with Bridget

 6. B11 at Shitty Kitty Bingo. Shitty Kitty Bingo is a monthly charity event thrown by drag queen extraordinaire, Rebecca Havemeyer. The Frito pie is free, the beer is dirt cheap, the prizes are great (so long as you don't get the bag of cat shit), and the best part is when B11 is called! B11 in French is "be onze" which sounds just like Beyonce and incites a riotous dance scene.

 7. I simply love summer time fun and this summer was another splendid one. Fourth of July pool parties, beaches, swimming, falling in love with BBC in San Antonio, and wearing cut offs all day, every day; that's the life!

4th of July with Lacey and Beth

 8. The Ruttengardner wedding. Beth and Matt getting married was great, but not just because one of my besties married her sweet and adoring man. The entire week leading up to the wedding was a blast with Roadhouse visiting, BBC and I "took our friendship to the next level" at the wedding, and Matt was a great sport by shotgunning beers with the League City crew! Congratulations, Beth and Matt! I couldn't be happier for the two of you. 

The kiss
Beautiful view with Stayten and Jules
The LC crew post wedding shotgun

 9. Cat nipples! 2012 is the year I found an outlet for my obsession with cat nipples and began a Cat Nip Slip Tumblr blog, which you can follow HERE:

10. This song and every other Robyn experience in my life, including my first dance off, which you can read about HERE:

11. This year was an exciting year for my neighborhood! Three of my favorite people moved into my 'hood, one of which was BBC who is shacking up at my place. JJ never lived very far from me, but he's no longer a short bike ride away and is now in walking distance. Our quick pop-ins for catch up and a beer are one of my favorite things in the world! Emily J. bought a house just around the corner from me, which may become even closer if I move into her rental property in her backyard. Impromptu bonfires in her yard are sure to make this winter cozy.

12. And finally, although this may be cheating, I once again have to list BBC. I have never been in a relationship that was so caring, fair, and wonderful. I've truly met my match, which makes me feel like I have to thank all the frogs I kissed before I found my prince. I love you, darling!

For a blast from the past, HERE are my 11 favorite things from 2011!

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