Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LD's Gift Guide

I'm beginning to get in the Christmas spirit! I've been accused in the past of being one of those Bah-Humbuggers, but this year I feel like my spirit is changing. First off, let's set the tone with my favorite Christmas song:

Giving gifts might be one of my favorite things in the world, but at Christmas time I just don't have the funds to give everybody what I'd like to. So, every year for Christmas I make jars of my famous pickled green beans. After overdosing on cookies, cakes and other gifted sweets during the holidays, I like giving something savory and at about $3.00 a pop the cost can't be beat. This year I've made more than ever before and will be shipping some off to those I love, but won't get to see.
Ready for another Christmas song?

Without further ado, and in the spirit of giving, I kill two birds with one stone by presenting a list of presents. For those of you looking for last minute gift ideas, here is a gift guide. For those of you who I love and wish I could buy things for, consider this a virtual present that I personally selected for you:

For the gardener or outdoorsy person in your life:
Wooden potato barrel allows you to grow hundreds of potatoes in 2 cubic feet! £44.95
Bonfire log $28. I actually saw a stack of these yesterday at HEB. A portable bonfire with 1.5 hours of burning time. The only thing needed is a match!

 For the technology savvy:
Solar powered charging station $22
Milk Tape, the USB MP3 mixed tape holds up about 15 songs and comes in a cassette case $15

Universal USB adapter,  $20

For my fellow boozehounds:
Carry your boxed wine in style with The Wine Sack, $69.95
A flip flop with a flask! The Reef Dram Sandal, $45
iPhone bottle opener case, $24.99

For your birther, end-of-the-world, super religious, tea party family members:
Tactical bacon, delicious bacon in a can that can last over 10 years, $19.99
Jesus Shaves mug, $11.99 Just pour your favorite hot beverage into this mug and Jesus shaves his beard!
God Hates Kittens tote, $15

 "Help Lord, The Devil Wants Me Fat", Christian weight loss guide, $11.99
Last month when I was in Dallas, Jamie and I came up with the perfect scheme for charity gifts for your religious-right family members. You donate money to your favorite charity (ASPCA, Meals on Wheels, etc.) and a fake charitable donation card is presented to the loved one of your choice for an organization they might support, such as the NRA, Westboro Baptist Church, etc.

For the animal lover in your life:
Austin Pug Rescue 2013 calendar, $20
 Pet umbrella, $9.95
Cat ice cube tray, $10
Cat tote bags, $20

 For your BFF:
I Am Not A Doormat doormat, £26.95
 Beyonce paper dolls, £7.95
"Fifty Shades of Chicken", a parody cookbook, $12.98
Dolly Parton throw pillow, $36

Happy holidays my lovies,


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