Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Times!

My holiday vacation starts tomorrow at 5am sharp. BBC and I will be heading to Georgia to spend Christmas with his family. I'm looking forward to a side trip to St. Simon's Island the most. Sure it will be too cold to enjoy the beach in a bikini, but I'm still looking forward to a nice shell-collecting walk in a cozy sweater.

St. Simon's Island, GA

After Georgia, BBC and I head to Houston to spend a few days with my mum and dad. I really wish I could have more time with my family, but am fortunate to know that the little time I have will be a blast. My family is exceptionally wonderful and I consider my mum and dad to be best friends of mine rather than family. My favorite family Christmas tradition is our English Christmas crackers. Everybody crosses arms as we sit down for dinner and pop the crackers. They typically include a cheesy gift, a joke or a fortune, and these dorky crowns. Yes, it's mandatory that everybody wears one!

Beth and her daddy, 2010

I hate brussel sprouts!

My mum, having a blast playing with her cracker toy

Wishing all my lovelies happy holidays and safe travels!

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