Monday, December 31, 2012

Bring It On, 2013

Thirteen goals for the new year:

 1. Pay off my medical debt.
 2. Grow a garden that actually produces crops and doesn't immediately die.
 3. Listen more and interrupt less.
 4. Have Julia's typewriter cleaned and return it.
 5. Buy a car?
 6. Eat less meat.
 7. Finish my 2012 craft project, a handcrafted lamp.
 8. Start and complete a patriotic embroidery project of my favorite Calvin Coolidge quote, When I'm asleep, I can't mess anything up.
 9. Sell, swap, or donate any clothing I haven't worn in two years.
10. Move into a bigger house with my sweetie.
11. Travel more: Oakland/San Francisco, New Orleans, Dallas, Fredricksberg, Vietnam.
12. I frequently answer questions with yes or no without knowing what the correct answer is. For example, this Christmas when a dog walked into a restaurant and BBC's mother asked if it was a service animal, I said no without even checking or knowing. I suspect I've been doing this for years, but have just become aware of it and don't see any benefit from it. For the record, the mutt turned out the be a seeing-eye dog.
13. Cherish every moment of 2013!

Interested in seeing my goals from 2012? HERE they are. I didn't write a novel and I didn't teach any cats how to sit, but I had a great year! I paid off my overwhelming credit card debt, found an exceptional love, and discovered that 30 was the best age of my life thus far, which is why I will be 30 for another five years. And since I didn't meet two of last year's goals of traveling and learning to better listen to others, I've listed them again for another shot in 2013.

Thank you 2012 for being so good to me and I look forward to what 2013 has in store. Wishing all of my lovies a Happy New Year!


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