Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Most Fun Had

This past weekend was exceptional! Not only did I have fun, fun, fun at FunFunFun Fest, but I feel like I had the best staycation a girl could ask for.

Jessica, LD, Tofte, Tofte's ass, and Audra

My memories of the festival these past few years are slightly soured, due to bad experiences with a bad ex-boyfriend. Without exception, we got into heated arguments daily at the festival, resulting in the regularly scheduled breaks in our relationship until FFF came to an end. So this year, when my sweetie and I agreed to attend together, I was mildly afraid of the FFF curse, but wholly excited. In a nutshell, the curse has been broken! This weekend felt like a honeymoon at the Disney World of music.

Since many of my lovelies reading this attended FFF themselves, I won't be going into any performance reviews, but here is a list of my favorite things from this year's FunFunFun Fest:

  • Kreayshawn: I'll be honest, Kreayshawn was on the top of my list for FFF. What can I say? I like girly hip hop and songs about hoes in secondhand clothes. My favorite Kreay quote: You can put a pig in makeup but you can't disguise a skank. I wasn't very surprised that Jacob was the only person who shared my excitement about seeing Kreayshawn, so I had already resigned to the fact that I would be twerking by myself. However, my sweetie pulled a boyfriend of the year move and watched backstage with me. I think Kreayshawn is adorable, her mother is Boom Boom from the Trashwomen, and on mornings when I'm so tired I want to skip out on work I use this song to motivate me out of bed:

    The Trashwomen: Boom Boom in the back!

  • By far, the best thing about FFF is seeing so many of your friends in one place. I got to spend a little time with everybody, including Audra!!!!!! Friends, however, are kind of separated into social stratifications like a classed society. Some of my favorite people were working, so I only saw them under their oppressive wage-slave conditions, and others didn't have the "Homie pass" hook up and couldn't go backstage. I'm not entirely sure that Max Weber would approve, but I loved how I could grab a beer from Beth whenever I missed her face.
  • With all great relationships come sacrifice and compromise. First we will go watch the nicest man in hardcore, Mr. Damian from Fucked Up, so long as we watch De La Soul afterwards. I was pretty excited about De La Soul until I realized that I had confused them for A Tribe Called Quest.
  • I would easily say Valiant Thor put on the best show I saw all weekend. These guys rock harder than a metal version of ZZ Top. In the middle of the show Valiant Himself jumped off the stage, broke up the pit, laid down in the dirt, and worshiped the guitarist during a solo while insisting that the crowd do the same.

    Sexy scary faces with Matt and BBC
    Four drunks on a roller coaster

    Fagan, KB, LD, Tofte, and Sherry baby up front

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