Monday, November 26, 2012

Full of Thanks

I didn't travel, spend time with family, or have a huge holiday feast at my house with my favorite people on Thanksgiving, but it was still one of the best holiday weekends I have ever had! I had a 5-day weekend full of friends, fun, food, and relaxation!

I spent Thanksgiving day at the UT football game and surprisingly had a nice time working. Most of my time was spent laughing and joking around with Letty and Karen, but after the game I got to live the suite life with BBC in the private suite he was working in. In the 5+ years that I've worked at the UT football games, this was the first time that I had ever been inside one of the suites! It was pretty posh and had a great view of the field, but for the most part I found it a little depressing to see how much food goes to waste and the silly luxury that is behind it. I did, however, get to take home some of the leftovers, which means that my Thanksgiving dinner didn't just consist of football nachos and chicken wings. We got turkey and dressing as well!

The sweetie and I had our Thanksgiving dinner Friday afternoon, which was naturally followed by a nap. We relaxed and loafed around the house until the sun went down and then we painted the town red. The best part was coming home from the bar to raid a fridge full of tofurkey leftovers.

Tofurkey on my turkey plates

Photobooth kisses at the White Horse

Saturday BBC and I spent the day relaxing and helping JJ out with a school project. My sweetie had to work that night, so I went over to Pam and Wells's house with some Christmas cheer and helped decorate their tree. I wasn't really in the holiday mood when I first got there, but after hanging a few ornaments I exterminated my bah humbugs and went back home to do my own Christmas decorating. Brandon and I now have a stairwell filled with ornaments, a small rosemary tree, and three stockings hung and ready to be stuffed. I'm not sure why, but Brandon didn't think it was fair that I got two stockings and he only had one.

I was a little bummed waking up Sunday morning with the knowledge that my mini holiday was over, but in the end it went out with a bang. We met the gang for Wes's birthday at Yellow Jacket and naturally brunch turned into a BBQ at their house. Goofing off with Andre and Danielle applying lipstick in unison had to be the most fun I've had all month. The thing that made me squeel the most was meeting Honky Tonk Man, a Bengal cat that goes to bars on a leash. He was pretty sweet and loved the attention.

Lipstick gang: LD, Andre, Danielle

Honky Tonk Man

The best part of my extended Thanksgiving weekend was spending so much time with my sweetie. This was our first holiday together and it turned out wonderfully. I'm really looking forward to our Christmas together in Georgia with his family.

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