Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's Tuesday....

and I'm still in love. Here are some loverly tidbits for you:

  • Last week I left a bottle of Merlot in BBC's car and the cork popped out due to the heat. He was a little upset, but it didn't leave that big of a stain and I will be steam cleaning it out shortly. He was mostly mad about the smell of booze, but after I told him that I thought it smelled more like Grandy's biscuits than a wino, we made up and decided to take a small road trip to the Buda area to eat at the last remaining Grandy's in Austin. More accurately, what we thought was the last Grandy's in the Austin area, which we quickly learned has been long gone. Our Sunday lunch wasn't ruined by our biscuits and gravy expectations, but we are now planning a road trip to the DFW area to get our Grandy's fix.
  • My sweetie is sick right now. He's going through some flu-like symptoms: fatigue, body ache, sickie tummy. This is the first time he's been sick since we've been shacking up, and I feel so bad for him. I'm frequently ill and prefer to have someone be nice to me, but ultimately I just want to be left alone with a cozy bed and a hot bubble bath. So far Brandon has been self sufficient in terms of his treatment, but is unnaturally "amorous" if you get my drift. I think I will be enacting a "no nookie until you don't pukey" policy. I only have his health in mind, naturally.
  • I'm a single mother of two wonderful kitties. We haven't lived with their father in over 5 years and still call BBC "Uncle Brandon." Well, I think I finally snagged them a new daddy! BBC wants to be their daddy. I feel like there should be some ritual or ceremony to make the adoption official. I mean, after all, how confusing is it when your uncle becomes your daddy? This isn't Mississippi.

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