Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gruesome Bruise-some

Happy Halloween, y'all.

I did not live up to my Halloween potential this year. I started planning and putting together a costume a couple of months ago (I even got contacts!), but didn't feel like dressing up this past weekend whenever I made the Halloween party rounds. And since I am going to see Leonard Cohen tonight I have missed all my spooktacular opportunities. In silver lining perspective, I guess I have my costume for next year: Frankenstein Dolly Parton.

Since I don't have any fun costume photos to share, I present to you some ghoulish images of bruises, injuries, and frightful sights.

Look at these injuries I've sustained!

I used to bruise easier than a peach, but since I haven't been pumped full of steroids, I no longer look like a victim of domestic violence. (Seriously, I stopped going to the gym after countless locker room interventions by women who were concerned.) The crazy thing is that each bruise shown below came from unknown sources. Sure, I can be clumsy, but these were just from normal wear and tear:

Speaking of steroids, here's a scary sight of my fat face before and after:

Steroid overload chub face

Sad margarita face without steroid overload

Do you want another scary before and after image? Well, here it is. I've officially had my new teeth for over a year now and I can easily say that my smile is now my most prized possession and the best thing money has ever bought me!

Now, if only medical science could make this happen:

Kitty cat pregnancy

Here are some historical costume pics:

Pigeon with Santa Cirelli

Pigeon, pigeon, pigeon

Owl with Katie skunk


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ohemicath said...

Although I would have loved to see you in costume tonight, I'm super glad you got to see Leonard Cohen.