Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Film Femme Fatales

For the last few months I've been hosting monthly ladies movie nights at my house and it's turned into something I look forward to every time. The movies are curated for the most discerning of tastes and typically we have potluck dinners that follow the theme of the film. Last night the gals and I dined on the trashiest and classiest foods we could find and watched Overboard. Carole brilliantly provided plastic champagne glasses and the pink champagne was flowing all night long. What goes best with a Frito pie? Truffled brie, of course!

Some highlights from last night:
  • In hindsight, I wish we would have planned a drinking game and taken a shot every time someone actually went overboard. I highly recommend you do this at home and don't worry, overboarding only happens 5 times in the movie.
  • Ladies, ladies, ladies.... words cannot express the delight you will get in watching Kurt Russell topless. Hands down, he has to be the sexiest man that has ever worn a mullet. I submit the following two screen shots as evidence:

  • Are you looking for a last minute Halloween costume? The gals and I thought this rich bitch costume of Goldie Hawn's would be stupendous.

  • Last night an olive rolled off Margaret's plate and onto the floor past my foot and I jumped up and screamed. I thought it was the fastest moving, blackest cockroach I had ever seen and was simultaneously terrified and horrified that a roach would show it's face with company over.

We decided last night that we will be having a second showing of one of my top 10 favorite movies, Waiting to Exhale, since none of the girls present had seen it. This really, really excites me! Here is a list of previous ladies movie night selections:

  • Waiting to Exhale: paired with soul food 
  • R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet: Not only did we watch all 23 chapters, but only the dirtiest, guiltiest, and greasiest foods were allowed that night.

Church's fried chicken and biscuits

  • The Craft: This one was actually food free because.... well, what the hell could we have eaten besides Kraft mac & cheese. We did end the night dancing in a circle to Toto's, Africa, which was beyond epic.

  • The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia: It was night of white trash heaven with three types of Frito pie, cheese curls, and bean dip straight out of the can 
  • Selena: Tex-Mex theme with enchiladas, Stayten's famous seven layer dip, and more queso then we knew what to do with. 
  • Mannequin: This one was kind of a stretch for food, but since it was filmed in Philadelphia we went with Philly cheese steaks. MEAT!

I hope to see all my lovely ladies next time!

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