Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekend Warrior

I still feel exhausted from this past weekend: double booked weddings, double booked brunches, sloshball, and more out of town friends that I could even mention!

Friday night a gaggle of Houstonians flocked to Austin in preparation for Saturday's sloshball game. A handful of us caught up with Chad on the east side, fresh from London. I didn't last as long as the others and went home before daylight, but still had such a great time catching up. I definitely think a person can judge themselves based on the loyalty of the company they keep, and no matter how much petty drama or miles of distance may be between us over the years, this League City crew really loves each other. I only wish I had more nights with those guys, but am fortunate enough to have my own little circle of LCers here in Austin.

Saturday's sloshball was over a year in the making, since I can't even remember the last time we pulled the crew together for a game. Per Chad's request we had a Houston vs. Austin game and Houston showed up en masse. At one time Beth, Jacob, and I were moving from one team to the other trying to even out the numbers since there were a handful of Houston natives happily residing in Austin. I can't recall the score, but if you ask me it was a perfectly tied game ending with a team relay chugging contest with an undetermined winner. There is some video footage floating around that I have yet to review, but until that time my official ruling is that the game was a success! Here are some photos:

Delivering relay chug off instructions

Preparing to start the team relay chug off. Dustin, Andre, Paul, and Ike "manned up" for Team Austin with JJ, Trey, Kameron, and Sam drinking for Houston.

Perhaps I'm the only one who was happy thinking it was a tie

I ended Saturday night pretty early compared to everyone else. Group dinner at Polvo's, swimming at Carole's, a couple of drinks at Andre's, and then I hit the hay! I knew Sunday would be hectic, at best, so I had to make sure I got my beauty rest, but I never got to say goodbye to many of the Houston crew. I hope everyone had a great time and we've got to do this more often.... well, not too often because I'm still sore!

UPDATE: Here's an epic video from John Sanchez of our epic game: http://vimeo.com/50609794

Sunday morning left me with two brunch options. Letty curated an Interesting and Beautiful Ladies Brunch at Contingo, which I had to miss to attend a delicious brunch in the works at Andre's. My deviled eggs were a hit and Amanda, Andre, Danielle, and I took a few shots of the filling while I was piping it into the eggs. I gorged on cheese and fruit but didn't get to taste any of the other yummies the girls were making because BBC and I had to leave early to begin our evening wedding preparations. Unbeknownst to each other, we both RSVP'ed to attend two different weddings that were happening simultaneously, so we decided to divide our time and attend both. I felt like we were in some teen drama trying to juggle two dates to the prom; if only we each had a twin that could have helped us out.

Madison and Nick's wedding started first at Mercury Hall and was my choice for the one ceremony we could attend. Madison looked absolutely stunning and head over heels in love. The rain didn't ruin any of the charm of the evening and it was hard for me to hold back the tears as the bride cried while reading her vows. Madison and Nick have always been one of my top picks for sweetest couple, and I was so honored to watch them wed. I wish I could have stayed for the entire reception as there were lots of out of town attendees and guests that I don't normally get to see, but I had a nice time catching up during the cocktail hour.

Happy day for Madison and Nick
BBC's friends Tyson and Sarah had their wedding reception at the Broken Spoke, which fortunately for us was just around the corner from our first wedding of the night. We arrived just in time for the bride and groom to be announced, once again another beautiful couple. The dance hall looked amazing, the beer was flowing, and asking for a second scoop of country gravy on my chicken fried steak was not only appropriate, but received with a, "heck yeah!" We had a really nice time, left before the dancing stopped, and this tired lady was able to go to bed before 11pm. I think our wedding hopping was a success.

I wish every cake could be a wedding cake!

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