Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

  • This is my newest favorite song. The album version is faster and better. I pretend Britt Daniels says, "Good night, Lauren" instead of Laura:

  • I'm so in love with this art project, Some Pigeons are More Equal Than Others by Julian Charriere. Pigeons in Italy were spray painted, photographed, and then released across the city of Venice.

The bird painter at exhibition

  • Last week BBC and I watched a guy set himself on fire!Watch my crummy video:
  • The Price Is Right was in Austin this past Friday. It was the traveling version of the game show and was not recorded. Drew Carey and the big wheel weren't there either. Beth, Gina, Sherry and I didn't buy tickets, but went to the show early to register for a chance to play. I'm pretty good at winning things and getting free stuff, so the girls put their money on me, but Sherry is the one that got drawn randomly to play! She didn't win anything, but we were excited for her and danced outside of the Long Center while she bid away inside.

Gina lit up
  • I went to the Mexic-Arte Museum this past Sunday for Austin's museum day to take a look at their local Dia de los Muertos alters. Austin ISD, Girls Rock Camp, and Waterloo Records created such a beautiful alter honoring Esme with a school desk and markers to write messages to her. BBC and I couldn't stop crying, it was really very beautiful and will be up until the beginning of November. I encourage everyone who loved Esme to go take a look at it, bring a memento for the alter, and write a little note to sweet Esme.

Vibrant and full of color like Esme

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