Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Tidbits

  • This morning Jessica, Julia, and I decided that a perfect job would be testing out craft instructions and recipes for Martha Stewart to determine if the average, at-home, individual could be successful in the preparation.
  • On body hair: 
    • I don't shave my legs and haven't, really, for over a decade. I just don't really understand the point and I have adorable blonde peach fuzz. The other day I gawked at the thighs of a girl walking in front of me. She obviously shaved her legs, but stopped at a certain point on her upper thigh. Her peach fuzz was glistening in the sunlight and it looked lovely. I wonder if anybody ever notices my blonde fuzz and thinks it's lovely (or gross for that matter).
    • About a month ago, I stopped shaving my arm pits too. I don't know why I ever did before, out of habit I suppose. I have so few hairs that I could count them and it makes me happy. Yes, I would be that person who named their arm pit hairs and had imaginary  personalities assigned to each one of them. Carla is obviously the disgruntled housewife under my right arm who jealously plots the death of Bernice, the youthful outgoing hair under my left arm.
  • This morning I discovered something brilliant: water in smoothies instead of juice. It saves on calories and makes virtually no difference. Also, I don't have orange or apple juice overpowering the taste of my blueberries, bananas, and pineapple!
  • In more calorie drinking news: An unnamed barista friend of mine recently told me a story of an overweight patron ordering morning lattes with heavy whipping cream instead of the standard milk. I can feel my face growing extra chins just thinking about it!
  • I've had this song in my head a lot lately and BBC and I sing it to each other, the cats, and anybody else who is acting strange:

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