Thursday, September 6, 2012

Secrets Don't Make Friends

I haven't had very many things to share lately. Life is going steadily and I'm a very happy girl. Nevertheless, I want to blah, blah, blog so I've been racking my brain for a list of things to share. Here goes:

10 Secrets You May Not Know About Me
  • While I love pigeons, I don't really like birds in general. I hate noisy birds and pigeons only make delicate cooing sounds.
  • I have a tramp stamp! It's a shitty tattoo I got the second I turned 18 of my grandpaw's name and it hasn't aged gracefully over the years. BBC calls it a gramp-stamp!

  • I'm very competitive and don't like losing. That said, I've been known to cheat at board games.
  • My favorite place to shop is eBay. Some might even say I'm a bit addicted to eBay. I check 24 different saved searches daily for standard items like shampoo and Gap shoes in size 10 as well as luxury and "wishlist" items I'm hoping to get a great deal on. 
  • I lie to my dieting iPhone app excluding foods that I know will make me fat. Additionally, my user name is FattyWannaParty.
  • I LOVE buying presents for people and I've been told that I'm an excellent gift giver. I keep a running list of gift ideas for my lovies here.
  • I have a favorite freckle! It's on the inside of my middle finger on my right hand. Have a looksie:

  • While riding the very crowded bus home yesterday, a young coed tossed her backpack into the empty seat next to me, which annoyed me beyond explanation. There was barely room for people to stand and she rudely took up an open seat with her hot pink backpack. I felt like a little vigilante justice was called for, yet I lacked the courage to simply explain her shortcomings to her directly. So, naturally, I stepped on her toes as I exited the bus.
  •  Last night BBC googled my name. Unfortunately, this is not me:
Lauren Darcy Trillo

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