Thursday, September 13, 2012

40 Year Old Boyfriend, part II

My post about BBC's birthday party was brief, to say the least, and your response has been WTF. So, per the request of my lovely readers, I elaborate.

Brandon has been such a gift to me, so it was extremely important that he have a great 40th birthday. I think it's safe to say that he had an amazing time, as did everyone else. If I do one thing well, it's throwing a party!

The party was at Trailer Space Records, his "man cave" of sorts, and the boys there were wonderfully accommodating. Spot came in on his day off to help run the show, Mitch helped out with the cupcakes and margaritas, and Ish & JJ helped throughout the planning processes. I had never seen the shop look so clean as when we walked in Sunday morning, so I know the boys worked hard to prepare. Brandon's friends (Abby Birds, The Golden Boys, Church Shoes, Coma in Algiers, Marriage, and Kingdom of Suicide Lovers) played excellent sets to a packed house and the birthday boy himself pushed the show along so we ran as close to schedule as possible. I think every band changed some words around to honor BBC on his special day, which naturally touched his heart. My boy's a sensitive one and he cried tears of joy throughout the day, even while opening his presents.

If I failed at one thing, it was keeping the drinks and food flowing. Tom served up delicious BBQ that lasted all of 15 minutes, but was worth every single bite, the margaritas turned into a lemonade-y water when cups ran out and the ice melted (Thanks Beth, Carrie, and Madison for replenishing those cups when needed!), and 12 cases of free Dos Equis can only last 140+ people an hour or so. There weren't any complaints, however, and everybody seemed to have a nice time.

Beth and I made what turned out to be a delicious, yet ugly, carrot cake per Brandon's request. I was a little embarrassed with how ugly the thing turned out considering I have, what I thought was, enough creativity to decorate a cake, but the specialty colored candles and Muppet fondant decorations put lipstick on the proverbial pig.

Having lived in Austin for over 20 years and played in dozens of bands, BBC has an overabundance of friends. It's also a testament to what a great person he is that our online invite had over 220 RSVPs. His brother drove in from Houston, a couple of friends flew in from New York, and many of his buddies from over the years came out as well. It was, in his words, "the best birthday ever" and he repeatedly told me that I had "won" even though I wasn't aware that we were having "best girlfriend in the world" contest.

I really wish I would have taken pictures, but alas it was another failing on my part. The only one I snapped was this one of my old man crashing out at 9pm after a big day of fun.

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