Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was amazing, which is why I am writing about it one day late! There were so many friends in town: Tom, Alan, Audra, Megan, Matt, Kenna and I got to see every one of them (except the lovely Kenna).

I spent Friday night with Audra and Tofte watching Lifetime, which is kind of my perfect night in. There was much talk about a group trip to Chicas Bonitas, but after spending an hour watching America's Most Wanted, I wanted more bad acting on the television and not in my lap. The funny thing is how the boys felt like they couldn't go without us ladies in tow, like it would seem sleazy or something on their own. My favorite part of the night was listening to the Ladies Room and pretending that Jamie was hanging out with us in real life and not just via the radio. We also started work on a spin-off, reality television, competition show called America's Next Top Most Wanted. Naturally, Tofte will carry the Tyra torch and I'd like to use John Walsh inspired phrases like scumbag, dirty rat, degenerate, pervert, and utter waste of life.

I lost my sweetie Saturday to a recording session. The poor boy came home from work at 6am Saturday morning, slept briefly before heading to the studio at 10am, finished around 5pm, and then had to work again from 6pm-2am. I got some kisses in between, but barely saw him this weekend. I'm certain the album will sound amazing and can't wait to get a listen.

Saturday morning Alan, Tom, and I followed our standard breakfast routine at Taqueria Chapala and an old Houston friend of theirs who lives here in Austin, Rebecca, joined us before we started our trip to Krausse Springs. The rain started pouring the second we finished our tacos and we cancelled our swimming for a detour to Rio Rita with Jacob, Megan, JJ, and Matt. While I love a good rainstorm, this one seemed to put a damper on all of our Saturday plans once Sam and Adrienne cancelled their BBQ. Rebecca, however, saved the night by inviting us to an awesome Korean BBQ at her place courtesy of her lovely friend Cynthia. I wish my phone hadn't died because the spread of food was worthy of a photo shoot; a variety of vegan kimchis, wild mushroom and tofu soup, exotic salads, and 'qued pork, beef, and tofu. I ate more that night then I had the entire week and didn't have a single regret. I also had the pleasure of drinking more than my fill of soju and meeting some really fun ladies that I hope to see more of in the future.

I spent my Sunday morning recovering from my food and drink overload and then met up with Jules for lunch and some much needed catch up. The BF finished recording in the afternoon and was exhausted, so I snuck out during his nap to throw back some Moscow mules with AT at The Tigress.  After my sweetie and I caught up on our snuggles, we made a bar tour around town to catch up with friends: 04 Lounge, Bar Fly's, and Yellow Jacket. It was a fun wrap-up to a fun-filled weekend. I truly am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and wish my out of town friends were always just an arm's length away.

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