Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekend Bound

Friday has finally come! This week has been pretty lackluster, but it's over nonetheless and I'm ready for the weekend. Here's what I have in store:

  • Out of towners! Audra, Matt, Tom, Alan, and Kenna are in town this weekend. Naturally, this means happy hour with Kenna, a return trip to Chicas Bonitas to introduce Matt to the best Austin's latino strippers have to offer, and every damn thing Audra wants.
  • This weekend the BF will be super busy with awesome BF stuff: recording for an upcoming Gospel Truth album on 12XU. He's pretty pumped about it and I'm super proud.
  • Earlier this month I won four tickets to an awesome end of harvest celebration at Messina Hof Winery & Resort for this weekend. BBC and I had planned to double date with Julia and her sweet French boofie (my made up French version of BF), but my man's recording session interfered and my gal pal back-up kinda fell through. Julia and Gregory are still going to go and I'm totes jealous. They will be enjoying delicious noms and slurps solo.
  • Sun, sun, summertime sun! I can't actually remember the last time I went swimming or spent some time in the sun and that giant star is calling my name. I'm thinking Saturday at the Colorado River beach before heading over to Sam and Adrienne's for grilling or hitting up Krause Springs with my Houston boyZ.
  • This Sunday mark's Cinema East's summer finale. If you Austinites haven't been to a Cinema East screening, you're really missing out. For $3 you can BYO all the B you can drink, enjoy the evening summer outdoors, and watch well-curated independent films. This final viewing comes with free beer and sparklers! Here's a photo of BBC and me enjoying his friends' film Kid-Thing a couple of weeks ago:

We're just behind that blue cooler, y'all!

  • An finally, here are two songs that will act as my weekend inspiration:

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