Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love Letter

Tomorrow marks the 5 month anniversary of my new relationship with my sweetie, BBC. Of course there will be no celebration, as that would be even sillier than the fact that I know it's our 5 month anniversary, but it does tickle me to know that we have an actual "anniversary." I have Beth and Matt to thank for that as BBC and I got together at their wedding. Coincidentally, it will be impossible for me to forget the Rutten-gardner's wedding anniversary. What do you say Beth, annual double date celebrations?!

So, in honor of my new found love and happiness, I give you some cheese filled bits of heart:

My current favorite love songs:

The Grass Roots, Sooner or Later

Eddie Money, I Think I'm in Love

  • Last night the BF and I went to Trailer Space to see Jaill, who were awesome! I normally hang back when watching bands play, with the exception of The Golden Boys because I adore those guys and like to dance up front with my golden girls. So, last night when I joined BBC up front he was excited and kept reaching back to touch me. One time he reached back, grabbed a thigh, and then caressed it softly. The best part about this was that it wasn't my thigh and the strange girl beside me was beyond creeped out! Here's a fun Jaill video:

  • While grocery shopping the other day, I asked BBC if he wanted red grapes or green grapes. His response while grabbing a bag of green grapes was, "Red wine or white wine. Hmmm, I think I want white wine."
  • BBC has practically lived with me from the dawn of our relationship, but we're making it official and will be moving in together!
  • And finally, look at all the sweet photos of us:
He was falling for me from the very beginning.
Our first vacation together: San Antonio after SXSW
Summertime beach fun with Stayten

Kickball Sundays

Beer lunch Fridays
Trailer Space naps
Houston bound to meet my family

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