Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gratuitous Olympic Post

I wouldn't classify myself as a patriotic person, but something about the Olympics gets me fist pumping and chanting, U.S.A., U.S.A. Of course, the summer games are my favorite with gymnastics and badminton stealing the fanfare. So, in the spirit of the games here are some Olympic tidbits:

  • Who is my 2012 Olympic games body double, you ask? At 5 feet 6 inches and 152 pounds, Yanqiao Fang is closest to my physique (5'8", 153 lbs). 

My arm pits look thinner than this!

         Let's learn about Yanqiao Fang! She's a Capricorn born in Beijing on January 18, 1989
         and will compete in the 10km swimming marathon on Thursday, August 9th. I
         apologize Yanqiao, but while I'll make an effort to watch your race, I can't promise to
         cheer for you. USA, USA!  Click here to find your Olympic body double.
  • Not Olympic, but in relation to body doubles: take a look at your virtual, thin/fat here.
  • Here are my favorite Olympic faces:

Intense badminton shuttlecock action

UK men's gymnastic smush face
Men's diving poop face

  • BBC doesn't like sports and therefore has no interest in watching the Olympics. The only way I even got him to watch the NBA playoffs with me was if we watched at his man cave (Trailer Space) and even then he didn't watch. Fortunately for me, the Trailer Space boys are also watching the Olympics, so I can watch sports while he guzzles booze and listens to jams.
  • I'm not very athletic, even though my father used to tell me that I have an athletic build. My sister was the athlete in our family, swimming competitively and playing water polo. The only thing I was remotely good at, besides skipping school, was badminton. I actually won two intramural championships and have the fancy, expensive, prized rackets to prove it.
  • What's up with the screen banner placement on men's water sports? This placement turns athletic camaraderie into gay porn:


  •  Best Olympic name:
  • My sports theme song:

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Leticia said...

This post made me cackle loudly at work. My Olympic body match is a male gymnast from Brazil. RAWR.