Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was amazing, which is why I am writing about it one day late! There were so many friends in town: Tom, Alan, Audra, Megan, Matt, Kenna and I got to see every one of them (except the lovely Kenna).

I spent Friday night with Audra and Tofte watching Lifetime, which is kind of my perfect night in. There was much talk about a group trip to Chicas Bonitas, but after spending an hour watching America's Most Wanted, I wanted more bad acting on the television and not in my lap. The funny thing is how the boys felt like they couldn't go without us ladies in tow, like it would seem sleazy or something on their own. My favorite part of the night was listening to the Ladies Room and pretending that Jamie was hanging out with us in real life and not just via the radio. We also started work on a spin-off, reality television, competition show called America's Next Top Most Wanted. Naturally, Tofte will carry the Tyra torch and I'd like to use John Walsh inspired phrases like scumbag, dirty rat, degenerate, pervert, and utter waste of life.

I lost my sweetie Saturday to a recording session. The poor boy came home from work at 6am Saturday morning, slept briefly before heading to the studio at 10am, finished around 5pm, and then had to work again from 6pm-2am. I got some kisses in between, but barely saw him this weekend. I'm certain the album will sound amazing and can't wait to get a listen.

Saturday morning Alan, Tom, and I followed our standard breakfast routine at Taqueria Chapala and an old Houston friend of theirs who lives here in Austin, Rebecca, joined us before we started our trip to Krausse Springs. The rain started pouring the second we finished our tacos and we cancelled our swimming for a detour to Rio Rita with Jacob, Megan, JJ, and Matt. While I love a good rainstorm, this one seemed to put a damper on all of our Saturday plans once Sam and Adrienne cancelled their BBQ. Rebecca, however, saved the night by inviting us to an awesome Korean BBQ at her place courtesy of her lovely friend Cynthia. I wish my phone hadn't died because the spread of food was worthy of a photo shoot; a variety of vegan kimchis, wild mushroom and tofu soup, exotic salads, and 'qued pork, beef, and tofu. I ate more that night then I had the entire week and didn't have a single regret. I also had the pleasure of drinking more than my fill of soju and meeting some really fun ladies that I hope to see more of in the future.

I spent my Sunday morning recovering from my food and drink overload and then met up with Jules for lunch and some much needed catch up. The BF finished recording in the afternoon and was exhausted, so I snuck out during his nap to throw back some Moscow mules with AT at The Tigress.  After my sweetie and I caught up on our snuggles, we made a bar tour around town to catch up with friends: 04 Lounge, Bar Fly's, and Yellow Jacket. It was a fun wrap-up to a fun-filled weekend. I truly am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and wish my out of town friends were always just an arm's length away.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekend Bound

Friday has finally come! This week has been pretty lackluster, but it's over nonetheless and I'm ready for the weekend. Here's what I have in store:

  • Out of towners! Audra, Matt, Tom, Alan, and Kenna are in town this weekend. Naturally, this means happy hour with Kenna, a return trip to Chicas Bonitas to introduce Matt to the best Austin's latino strippers have to offer, and every damn thing Audra wants.
  • This weekend the BF will be super busy with awesome BF stuff: recording for an upcoming Gospel Truth album on 12XU. He's pretty pumped about it and I'm super proud.
  • Earlier this month I won four tickets to an awesome end of harvest celebration at Messina Hof Winery & Resort for this weekend. BBC and I had planned to double date with Julia and her sweet French boofie (my made up French version of BF), but my man's recording session interfered and my gal pal back-up kinda fell through. Julia and Gregory are still going to go and I'm totes jealous. They will be enjoying delicious noms and slurps solo.
  • Sun, sun, summertime sun! I can't actually remember the last time I went swimming or spent some time in the sun and that giant star is calling my name. I'm thinking Saturday at the Colorado River beach before heading over to Sam and Adrienne's for grilling or hitting up Krause Springs with my Houston boyZ.
  • This Sunday mark's Cinema East's summer finale. If you Austinites haven't been to a Cinema East screening, you're really missing out. For $3 you can BYO all the B you can drink, enjoy the evening summer outdoors, and watch well-curated independent films. This final viewing comes with free beer and sparklers! Here's a photo of BBC and me enjoying his friends' film Kid-Thing a couple of weeks ago:

We're just behind that blue cooler, y'all!

  • An finally, here are two songs that will act as my weekend inspiration:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

  • I think I get sucked in whenever I watch  As Seen on TV product commercials, especially when they say, "For a short time only receive two for the price of one. Call now!" My first thought is that I should wait a couple of hours before I call to verify if the buy-one-get-one-free promotion is really a promotion or if it is always two for the price of one.
  • I fainted again this past weekend. This time I was at Truman's 1st birthday celebration and I had just built myself a taco when I sat down on a stool. The room suddenly went black and I dropped my food. Letty was so nurse-like and ushered me to the couch while a dog ate my taco. I was fine after 30 minutes or so, but was pretty embarrassed. This happened a lot last summer and so far it looks like this summer won't be much different. More food,  more water, less beer, and avoid the heat I suppose......
  • BBC and I finally watched The Dark Knight Rises. It was lackluster in my opinion. I found this much more enjoyable:

  • I made a mix CD for our road trip when BBC and I went to Houston last month. It was full of our favorite "couple" songs and some other sappy love songs that make me think of him. He really loved it. Recently he played this song for me, which he says is my song in his heart.

  • Here's his song in my heart:

  • I got my first pair of contact lenses last Friday! Honestly, I only got them for my Halloween costume. After all,  I can't be a carrot with glasses since carrots improve eye health. (Well, I guess I could be a hipster carrot if I wanted, but that's not my style.) I find the contacts pretty uncomfortable and every five minutes or so I have a mild freak out trying to find my glasses until I remember that I don't need them. Saturday, Margaret walked into Letty's house, smiled at me, and then asked, "Have we met?" It was pretty hilarious, but more proof that I have what Chad calls a "glasses face." I just look unrecognizable without them and simply adorable with them! Have no fear, friends. I will only be wearing them on an "as needed" basis.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Craft Night

I typically host a ladies movie night once a month. We generally watch movies that I would classify as guilty pleasures: Waiting to Exhale, Selena, R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet, Heathers, Revenge of the Nerds, Howard the Duck, anything that has ever aired on Lifetime, etc. It has honestly been too long since our last movie night, so last night, per Karen's demand, we had a last minute screening of The Craft. Shockingly, it was Karen's first time watching the movie, but with all our gabbing through the film I doubt she got a solid viewing experience. I hadn't seen The Craft since it originally came out (1996), so last night was a nice reliving of the 8th grade. Of course at that time Karen(Collins) and I were far too grungy and aloof to really enjoy all the gothic angst. Here's the trailer to refresh your memory and some tidbits from our evening :

  • Naturally, we started last night by reviewing everyone's star sign and element to insure that our imaginary coven would be complete. While we are a little on the hot side in terms of having more fire than we need, we're complete! Karen (earth), Margaret (water), Me (air) and Julia, Letty, and Carole (fire).
  • In the movie the girls weave the evil racist's hair into their own for a curse. I've decided that I would like to do the same with our coven, but not for curses. I just think it would be cute for all of us to have pretty little hidden "friend braids" in our locks.
  • As a coven, we've come to terms with the fact that we will have to adjust our gothic witchy ways to function within the limitations of Austin. For example, we will only use free-range, organic, fair trade eye of newt in our spells.
  • Following the movie, we had a lovely Arbor Mist toast in honor of our newly established coven. We went around the circle stating our element, a wish for the future, and a general fun fact and then chanted "I drink to my sisters." It was truly magical and we easily drank a gallon of Arbor Mist. I'm just sayin'.
  • For completely unrelated, and kind of unknown, reasons, we danced to Africa by Toto before calling it a night. Here are some photos and video.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love Letter

Tomorrow marks the 5 month anniversary of my new relationship with my sweetie, BBC. Of course there will be no celebration, as that would be even sillier than the fact that I know it's our 5 month anniversary, but it does tickle me to know that we have an actual "anniversary." I have Beth and Matt to thank for that as BBC and I got together at their wedding. Coincidentally, it will be impossible for me to forget the Rutten-gardner's wedding anniversary. What do you say Beth, annual double date celebrations?!

So, in honor of my new found love and happiness, I give you some cheese filled bits of heart:

My current favorite love songs:

The Grass Roots, Sooner or Later

Eddie Money, I Think I'm in Love

  • Last night the BF and I went to Trailer Space to see Jaill, who were awesome! I normally hang back when watching bands play, with the exception of The Golden Boys because I adore those guys and like to dance up front with my golden girls. So, last night when I joined BBC up front he was excited and kept reaching back to touch me. One time he reached back, grabbed a thigh, and then caressed it softly. The best part about this was that it wasn't my thigh and the strange girl beside me was beyond creeped out! Here's a fun Jaill video:

  • While grocery shopping the other day, I asked BBC if he wanted red grapes or green grapes. His response while grabbing a bag of green grapes was, "Red wine or white wine. Hmmm, I think I want white wine."
  • BBC has practically lived with me from the dawn of our relationship, but we're making it official and will be moving in together!
  • And finally, look at all the sweet photos of us:
He was falling for me from the very beginning.
Our first vacation together: San Antonio after SXSW
Summertime beach fun with Stayten

Kickball Sundays

Beer lunch Fridays
Trailer Space naps
Houston bound to meet my family

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gratuitous Olympic Post

I wouldn't classify myself as a patriotic person, but something about the Olympics gets me fist pumping and chanting, U.S.A., U.S.A. Of course, the summer games are my favorite with gymnastics and badminton stealing the fanfare. So, in the spirit of the games here are some Olympic tidbits:

  • Who is my 2012 Olympic games body double, you ask? At 5 feet 6 inches and 152 pounds, Yanqiao Fang is closest to my physique (5'8", 153 lbs). 

My arm pits look thinner than this!

         Let's learn about Yanqiao Fang! She's a Capricorn born in Beijing on January 18, 1989
         and will compete in the 10km swimming marathon on Thursday, August 9th. I
         apologize Yanqiao, but while I'll make an effort to watch your race, I can't promise to
         cheer for you. USA, USA!  Click here to find your Olympic body double.
  • Not Olympic, but in relation to body doubles: take a look at your virtual, thin/fat here.
  • Here are my favorite Olympic faces:

Intense badminton shuttlecock action

UK men's gymnastic smush face
Men's diving poop face

  • BBC doesn't like sports and therefore has no interest in watching the Olympics. The only way I even got him to watch the NBA playoffs with me was if we watched at his man cave (Trailer Space) and even then he didn't watch. Fortunately for me, the Trailer Space boys are also watching the Olympics, so I can watch sports while he guzzles booze and listens to jams.
  • I'm not very athletic, even though my father used to tell me that I have an athletic build. My sister was the athlete in our family, swimming competitively and playing water polo. The only thing I was remotely good at, besides skipping school, was badminton. I actually won two intramural championships and have the fancy, expensive, prized rackets to prove it.
  • What's up with the screen banner placement on men's water sports? This placement turns athletic camaraderie into gay porn:


  •  Best Olympic name:
  • My sports theme song: