Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Part 2

Saturday night was Letty's 30th birthday roast. Letty is by far one of my favorite people... she's hilarious, sweet, caring, has an adorable baby, shares my passion for trashy things, and would fit into my friend pool due to affirmative action even if I didn't love her so much. And honestly, you have to be a pretty great person to risk a roast. Unfortunately I showed up late, but I still got to get in on the action. My joke wasn't good enough to repeat here, but it was a really fun event with well-intentioned insults, raunchy haikus, good-hearted racism, and crude limericks. Her wonderful hubby, Chad, was the MC and had the best material by far: boob jokes, baby weight gain stabs, and lots of alcoholic humor. Way to go, Chad!!! Happy birthday, Letty. I've only been 30 for five months now, but it has been the best year of my life by far! P.S. your present is in the mail.

Letty and Chad

After the roast, BBC and I went down to the 04 Lounge to meet up with some of his friends. While the get-together was under sad circumstances (the passing of a friend), it was really nice to connect with all his old-timers.

As we were pulling up to my driveway around 1AM we noticed a strange rectangular reflective object floating above the street. It was about 8 feet in the air, green, and attached to an idiot. We stopped the car, got out, and began interrogating the idiot.... he had stolen the street sign from my corner and was running to meet his friends who were waiting for him a few blocks away. I'm still not sure why this particular street sign was of any interest to him; 43rd Street doesn't seem exceptionally special to me. I asked him what he wanted to do with the sign and he said he thought it would be a cool decoration. My first thought was that it had to be decoration for a dorm room, as nobody older than 20 with their own place would even consider a generic street sign ornamental enough to steal. BINGO! He told us that he was a Junior at UT who lived in Jester Dorm and then begged us to not "get him in trouble". I told him, "I don't even know your name and don't care to call the cops, just put my street sign back." He immediately told us that his name was Kevin Soto, put the sign back, called his friends to pick him up, and defeatedly begged BBC once again to "not get him in trouble." Poor Kevin Soto. I hope Kevin's final year in college provides some applicable knowledge to help him with real world situations. Good luck, Kevin!

Sunday morning I woke up to this:

BBC and Topo Chico

BBC and I dog sat for Wes and Gina Saturday night/Sunday afternoon. I had already known and loved Topo Chico, but Brandon hadn't had much time with him before this. The two fell in love! Topo slept next to BBC under the covers and helped out with recycling/garbage chores, following the BF every time he went outside. We even got to take him to a BBQ/pool party Sunday afternoon. As we were getting ready to leave my house, Brandon asked Topo if he wanted to party and the chih-weenie (chihuahua, Dachshund mix) got so excited he started jumping in the air and squawking with delight. Topo likes to party!


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