Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wedding Weekend Wrap-up

Man alive, this past weekend was hectic! My sweetie and I went to Houston, he met the family, Rich turned 70, and Alan is officially a married man!

Friday night's birthday bash for Rich was at George's Bar. Beth did an excellent job with catering and planning the party. You can't go wrong with $1.50 well drinks, sailor hats, and tons of umbrella'ed straws. BBC and Matt were a hit with the gay crowd. I couldn't help but be jealous when the boys in the bar started checking out my man; they were far from discreet about it. Heads and necks were craning to get a look and Brandon's bum. So naturally I flashed back to a John Hughes movie and put my hand in his back pocket to establish ownership.

Saturday was a stormy blast. I wish I had been able to sit on a patio and enjoy the torrential rains in Houston, but we had wedding festivities to attend. Eunkyoung looked breathtakingly gorgeous and  I don't think I've ever seen Alan happier. The wedding was beautiful and the reception at the Hotel Icon was full of drinks, old friends, delicious food, dancing, and was ended on a high note in the key of Bubba Sparxxx.
BBC and LD
The beautiful bride

Lacey, Veronica, Tom, LD, Beth
The ladies: LD, Beth, Eunkyoung, Veronica (with space orb), Lacey

My sweetie looks so suave!

The happy couple: Alan & Eunkyoung

The BF did great with the parents. He's such a sweetie!

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