Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

  • Tomorrow marks the 7th anniversary of Karen's death. It's strange having the Fourth of July on a Wednesday. I remember that it was on a Wednesday the year she died and I had the entire week off from work. I still miss her frequently, but things get better with time. I'm in such a great place in my life and am surrounded by the people I love. Our friendship was so pivotal in my growth and ability to love the important people in my life! I miss you girl; you're still golden in my heart.
  • Last night the BF was lying in bed and looked uncannily like Phil Collins. I swooned!
BBC vs. Phil
  • I've NEVER been tubing! This summer needs to be the summer I finally do!
  • This weekend I learned the slang term, "spunk". Coincidentally, my mum said that she liked the new BF's spunk.
  • I have absolutely no desire to watch Magic Mike. Just an FYI!

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