Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pain Free Thursday

Hey y'all, it's Thursday and I feel wonderful!!!!

Yesterday was such a terrible day. I felt so irritable and was in major pain. One of my students gave me a very standard, "hey there" in the morning and I remember thinking, "Leave me alone!" Chronic pain really ruins your day, puts you in an awful mood, and makes you generally a brat. My fibro pain finally took a break after loading up on Vicodin last night. I'm still on pain meds, but the excruciating pain has turned into a minor cramp in my hip. It's great! More importantly, I feel fortunate to have the privilege of insurance, quality healthcare, and my sweet BF. This was the first time the new BF has had to deal with sickie pants LD and he is definitely a keeper! Enough about that...

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