Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Link Love

Gaudi Apartments Barcelona, Spain

  • Beth and I discuss Magic Mike:

  • I started a new Tumblr for all things pigeon called Pigeon Circus!!!! I'm certain you're as excited about it as I am.

  • I'm absolutely CRAZY about Pinterest! Not only is it perfect for posting gift ideas to revisit and purchase when the occasion arises for your friends, but it's also great as a registry so others can gift the wonderful things you actually want to receive! I went ahead and did a favor to all and made a pinboard wishlist of things under $20 you can give me for various occasions such as my kitty Cecilia's 10th birthday today! Take a looksie here:

EggGenie is on the wishlist, y'all!

  • While basketball season is over, the excitement is still running high due to draft picks and contract negotiations. I'm super excited about OJ Mayo signing to the Mavericks, which now puts two of my five NBA crushes on one team!!!! In other exciting NBA news, Steve Nash (former Mavericks crush of mine) has moved to the LA Lakers. From this video, it looks like he will fit right in:

  • Two of my favorite ladies, Audra and Jamie, have a radio show on Indie-Verse, a diverse internet radio station. Both beauties work at the Dallas Observer; Audra slings the jams as the Music Editor, while Jamie stays on top of the action, events, and lifestyle as the Culture Editor. Every Friday night in the Ladies Room they make cocktails, discuss upcoming events in Dallas, and explore lady-centric music. It's great and I listen to the replay every Monday morning while I try to pull myself together in the office. They certainly help me get back into the grind even though you're supposed to listen on Friday night to get pumped for your night on the town. Way to go, gals. You can listen to them here!

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