Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Breastacular

My weekend may have felt calm and relaxing, but it was actually full of parties and boobs.

My bestie, JJ, turned 31 on Thursday. We celebrated his birthday formally with beers at Clementine. The real party, however, took place Friday night at Chicas Bonitas.  For those of you who are not familiar with Chicas Bonitas, I will fill you in... Chicas Bonitas is a club for caballeros. Caballeros is Spanish for "gentlemen" i.e. Hispanic strip club. There have been four separate instances where JJ has wanted to go to Chicas Bonitas, but something has fallen through each time. Most notably, the last time BBC and I backed out at the last minute and I'm not exaggerating when I say last minute. JJ was actually locking up his bike in front of the club when we called to cancel. So when John called me Friday to invite me to Chicas Gorditas (most definitely a more appropriate name), there was no way I could say no!

My review:
This particular joint is located just off the freeway, costs $5 to get in (free on your birthday), has the cheapest drinks in town ($2.50!!!!), has a taco truck in the parking lot that will deliver to your table (the steak taco was yum), and is chock full of voluptuous damas. While parking is limited, they offer valet services. This would be great if I had a car, which leads to my biggest complaint: no bike racks. Personally, I would remedy this situation with free bike valet, duh! Speaking Spanish would be an asset here, as the entire staff is Hispanic. Perhaps I can suggest an English/Spanish class exchange event during the slow business hours?

Saturday was a productive day with laundry and naps. I don't have much to elaborate on that, but Saturday night was fun. We celebrated the completion of Aaron's chemo. He looks and feels great, yay and congratulations!

After the F U Cancer party, I headed downtown to Red 7 to see my new favorite local band, Spray Paint. They're pretty awesome! If I were forced to use my terrible musical descriptions to explain their sound, I'd say they sound like the bastard love child of Sonic Youth and The B-52s.

Sunday morning I outslept the BF, which is unheard of. He woke me up at 2:00 in the afternoon! I'm not sure I've ever slept that long without the assistance of a hangover or sleeping medication. We quickly got dressed and joined the brunch in progress at Nate and Carrie's house to celebrate Nate's 33rd... delicious pho, lots of beers, and friendly faces.

Getting kisses from Ernie
The heat overwhelmed me and we left to meet up with some swim buddies at the Colorado River beach. The beach was perfectly secluded and the warm breeze was enticing so, with the permission of my sweetie, I slipped off my bathing suit and went topless. I frequently sunbathe topless in my side yard, much to my mailman's delight, but I've never been brave enough to do so in public. I don't know what feels so great about it, but it makes a normal summer sunning feel like a tropical island.

And now, back to the work week. I don't have much to look forward to this week except payday!! Once again, I'll be working for the weekend.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Part 2

Saturday night was Letty's 30th birthday roast. Letty is by far one of my favorite people... she's hilarious, sweet, caring, has an adorable baby, shares my passion for trashy things, and would fit into my friend pool due to affirmative action even if I didn't love her so much. And honestly, you have to be a pretty great person to risk a roast. Unfortunately I showed up late, but I still got to get in on the action. My joke wasn't good enough to repeat here, but it was a really fun event with well-intentioned insults, raunchy haikus, good-hearted racism, and crude limericks. Her wonderful hubby, Chad, was the MC and had the best material by far: boob jokes, baby weight gain stabs, and lots of alcoholic humor. Way to go, Chad!!! Happy birthday, Letty. I've only been 30 for five months now, but it has been the best year of my life by far! P.S. your present is in the mail.

Letty and Chad

After the roast, BBC and I went down to the 04 Lounge to meet up with some of his friends. While the get-together was under sad circumstances (the passing of a friend), it was really nice to connect with all his old-timers.

As we were pulling up to my driveway around 1AM we noticed a strange rectangular reflective object floating above the street. It was about 8 feet in the air, green, and attached to an idiot. We stopped the car, got out, and began interrogating the idiot.... he had stolen the street sign from my corner and was running to meet his friends who were waiting for him a few blocks away. I'm still not sure why this particular street sign was of any interest to him; 43rd Street doesn't seem exceptionally special to me. I asked him what he wanted to do with the sign and he said he thought it would be a cool decoration. My first thought was that it had to be decoration for a dorm room, as nobody older than 20 with their own place would even consider a generic street sign ornamental enough to steal. BINGO! He told us that he was a Junior at UT who lived in Jester Dorm and then begged us to not "get him in trouble". I told him, "I don't even know your name and don't care to call the cops, just put my street sign back." He immediately told us that his name was Kevin Soto, put the sign back, called his friends to pick him up, and defeatedly begged BBC once again to "not get him in trouble." Poor Kevin Soto. I hope Kevin's final year in college provides some applicable knowledge to help him with real world situations. Good luck, Kevin!

Sunday morning I woke up to this:

BBC and Topo Chico

BBC and I dog sat for Wes and Gina Saturday night/Sunday afternoon. I had already known and loved Topo Chico, but Brandon hadn't had much time with him before this. The two fell in love! Topo slept next to BBC under the covers and helped out with recycling/garbage chores, following the BF every time he went outside. We even got to take him to a BBQ/pool party Sunday afternoon. As we were getting ready to leave my house, Brandon asked Topo if he wanted to party and the chih-weenie (chihuahua, Dachshund mix) got so excited he started jumping in the air and squawking with delight. Topo likes to party!

Weekend Wrap-up: Friday

Holy My Goodness, this weekend was wonderful! I don't think I can actually fit all my fun in just one blog, so........ two postings for the price of one!

Friday night Ike turned 40!!! Fortunately he has been a silver fox well before turning 40, so I'm pretty sure he will only get better with age. Am I right, Bridget?! I had lots of fun at his party and it was my first visit to Sahara Lounge. Their signature drink, the Sahara Sling, is a concoction of rum, herbs, and ginger beer. It's dangerous! The back patio has that Rio Rita feel minus the cement. I will definitely be going back!

After Sahara, Gina and I rushed down to Beerland just in time to catch BBC and Gospel Truth close out the night. I've never dated a boy in a band before. It's kind of hard to believe, but tis the truth. I'm sure I would be required to say this even if it wasn't the truth, but my man is amazing! Those drum beats make my heart boom, boom, boom. I certainly feel proud and boastful watching him play.

to be continued.......

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pain Free Thursday

Hey y'all, it's Thursday and I feel wonderful!!!!

Yesterday was such a terrible day. I felt so irritable and was in major pain. One of my students gave me a very standard, "hey there" in the morning and I remember thinking, "Leave me alone!" Chronic pain really ruins your day, puts you in an awful mood, and makes you generally a brat. My fibro pain finally took a break after loading up on Vicodin last night. I'm still on pain meds, but the excruciating pain has turned into a minor cramp in my hip. It's great! More importantly, I feel fortunate to have the privilege of insurance, quality healthcare, and my sweet BF. This was the first time the new BF has had to deal with sickie pants LD and he is definitely a keeper! Enough about that...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fuck Your Myalgia

Ugh, y'all. Just a big, stinking ugh.

It may (or may not) be known that I'm riddled with diseases:
Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sjogren's Syndrome
Palisaded Nuetrophilic and Granulomatous Dermatitis

They're all autoimmune disorders and kind of clump together naturally. Over the last couple of years, however, my doctor has been treating me for uncharacterized muscle pain. Basically, on top of all the other issues I have, I also have sporadic and intense muscle pains. I've always been apprehensive to call if Fibromyalgia even though my doctor does. I grew up with a girl who had Fibromyalgia in high school. She and I shared the same at-home teacher when we had extended absences due to medical issues and I just never felt like I related to her disease. I still don't feel a connection to Fibro, but this week has changed that.

I stopped taking one of my designer neurological drugs that basically stops my brain from sending painful nerve impulses to my muscles. It's expensive and I was trying to cut corners on my purchases this month, which was just plain dumb. (I'm a stubborn girl and I hate the idea of being hooked on a medication forever.) Anyhow, now I'm crying as I type this. The pain is awful!!!!

What does Fibromyalgia feel like? Just my skirt brushing up against my hip causes so much intense pain; like a bruise that is deep and down to the bone, like rubbing alcohol is coursing through my veins and causing a burning sensation through my muscles, like an intense sunburn that hurts to be touched even with a feather. On top of all that, my joints are swollen, I have crampy belly pains, and am just overall exhausted; completely spent.

So what's the point of this post? I need to vent. I need to cry. I need to have some self-pity and feel like I put up with more adversity than my peers. And then... I need to move the hell on, be a strong little sick girl, suck it up and accept that I will be on complex medications for the rest of my life, relish my many happy and healthy moments, thank my amazing girlfriends for understanding my issues and being so supportive and caring, and be thankful that my BF is sweeter and more caring than any man I've ever known. I should relish in my fortune rather than my misfortune.

So, in summary.... fuck your myalgia. Friends, thank you for being understanding when I cancel plans at the last minute with a simple, "I'm tired" or "I just don't feel well." Thank you for continuing to invite me out after multiple cancellations. I do want to join in on the fun, but can't always do so when I feel bad. And with that, I will now be rushing to the pharmacy to get back on my medication and to load up on pain pills.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Link Love

Gaudi Apartments Barcelona, Spain

  • Beth and I discuss Magic Mike:

  • I started a new Tumblr for all things pigeon called Pigeon Circus!!!! I'm certain you're as excited about it as I am.

  • I'm absolutely CRAZY about Pinterest! Not only is it perfect for posting gift ideas to revisit and purchase when the occasion arises for your friends, but it's also great as a registry so others can gift the wonderful things you actually want to receive! I went ahead and did a favor to all and made a pinboard wishlist of things under $20 you can give me for various occasions such as my kitty Cecilia's 10th birthday today! Take a looksie here:

EggGenie is on the wishlist, y'all!

  • While basketball season is over, the excitement is still running high due to draft picks and contract negotiations. I'm super excited about OJ Mayo signing to the Mavericks, which now puts two of my five NBA crushes on one team!!!! In other exciting NBA news, Steve Nash (former Mavericks crush of mine) has moved to the LA Lakers. From this video, it looks like he will fit right in:

  • Two of my favorite ladies, Audra and Jamie, have a radio show on Indie-Verse, a diverse internet radio station. Both beauties work at the Dallas Observer; Audra slings the jams as the Music Editor, while Jamie stays on top of the action, events, and lifestyle as the Culture Editor. Every Friday night in the Ladies Room they make cocktails, discuss upcoming events in Dallas, and explore lady-centric music. It's great and I listen to the replay every Monday morning while I try to pull myself together in the office. They certainly help me get back into the grind even though you're supposed to listen on Friday night to get pumped for your night on the town. Way to go, gals. You can listen to them here!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Okay guys, I'm pulling a blank on blogs lately. Basically all I want to do is talk about how sweet and amazing my boyfriend is and that isn't entertaining in the slightest. However, flashbacks are always interesting, so here we go....

Back in March, when my fella and I started getting serious, I posted a Beyonce music video recap of my relationship status over the last year. And well, I still feel like Beyonce's Halo embodies my man (snickers, scoffs, and vomitous responses begin now)

Without further ado, here is my blogger flashback:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wino Weekend

I went on my first wine tasting and vineyard tour this weekend in celebration of Pam's 30th birthday. I'm not much of a wine drinker, so I was a little nervous going into it, but I had a wonderful time!

Pam's amazing husband, Wells, rented a 12 passenger van and chauffeured 10 giddy ladies around the Hill Country. Not only was he the designated driver, but he was also the caterer of our delicious picnic and pumped out the jams in the van while playing DJ. Sure, Chris acted as co-pilot and co-chauffeur, but I think Wells should win a "great hubby" award for this trip.

Co-chauffeur Chris jammin' to Mariah Carey

I had mucho, mucho vino, so my memory might be shaky, but here's the rundown on our tour:

Our first stop was Texas Hills Vineyard. It was a great first stop to ease us into a day full of wine with $5 tastings and bottles as cheap as $3. The break out star at this vineyard was the award winning Kick Butt Cab, but little else impressed me. The staff was far from friendly and the other wines were so-so to my undignified palate.

Squeezing grapes with Pam and Wells

Next we hit up William Chris Vineyards and was given an outstanding tour of the grounds, cellar, and prep room by Josh! They bottle all the wines by hand, y'all! For $10 we had generous samples of 9 different wines. I'm not much of a white wine drinker. In fact, 9 out of 10 white wines make my face cringe, but their Blanc du Bois is the most delicious white wine I've ever tasted in my life. It was so delicious, this cheapskate actually bought a bottle at $30 a pop. Here's a video about how yummy it is:

The whole gang with Josh on the left!

Brutus, the rooster who runs the fort at William Chris

If you plan on taking some Hill Country vineyard tours, you have to stop by William Chris. They were outstandingly friendly, fun, and informative. I left my cell phone in the cellar room and they even stayed 30 minutes past their closing time so I could retrieve it. Great people and delicious vino.

Hilmy Cellars was our third stop, but what can I say. I was already drunk. All I remember is the cute drunk birdie on their labels and the free chocolate.

Our final stop was at Pedernales Cellars where I didn't taste a single drop of wine. Turns out I've got somewhere between a 5 to 9 glass of wine limit. The patio, however, was divine and you can buy cheese and salami from their roundabout vending machine. Go take a date and watch the sunset.

Afterwards the gang gorged on pizza at Pam and Wells's house. It was a great celebration. Happy Birthday, sweet Pammie!

Wells did not act as DJ. It was Chris Cordova, who did an exceptional job. I apologize for any confusion this error may have caused. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012


This weekend a GF texted me, "It's nice to see you so happy! You deserve it!" I've been getting a lot of "you deserve it"s lately, which is kind of funny. I mean, don't we all deserve to be happy. Anyhow, for the record, I am so happy and here are some schmaltzy things to express that:

It's funny how quickly your outlook can change when you surround yourself with wonderful people and have such a sweetie to spend your life with. Love to all my sweeties. I'm a lucky girl.


4th of My Thigh

Ugh, it feels unAmerican to be back at work.

Yesterday was a lovely 4th of July and my day off work started out perfectly. I slept until 1:00 pm before the BF and I started prepping for Shad and Leigh's annual pool party. I made yummy lime and peanut slaw that was a huge hit. (Here's the recipe) Not to brag or anything, but it was the only dish completely devoured, which says a lot since Leigh is an exceptional cook. Her pulled pork tacos were beyond delicious!

The pups ruled the day! Macho made a mess of all the pool floaties, attacking and popping 4 out of 5, and Olive played the baby and was coddled by all the lovely ladies poolside, but it was Spanky who had the most patriotism.

Andre and Olive

'Ole One-Eyed Spanky

After delicious eats, pineapple infused tequila, and lots of schwimmm time, we headed to Yellow Jacket for their festivities: bench pressin', arm wrestlin', wet T-shirts, and Think Lizzy. I've always wanted to compete in a wet T-shirt contest and was hoping that yesterday was going to be the day (I'm not getting any younger, am I right?!), but the promise of sopping white shirts was a hoax! Instead, we ended our night with the amazing Thin Lizzy cover band, Think Lizzy. Before they played, BBC and Ed were hoping that they would be an awesome band of unknown old dudes, and guess what... they were!

Here's some more Americana to savor:

Jasper Johns

Livin' the High Life with Beth and Lacey

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

  • Tomorrow marks the 7th anniversary of Karen's death. It's strange having the Fourth of July on a Wednesday. I remember that it was on a Wednesday the year she died and I had the entire week off from work. I still miss her frequently, but things get better with time. I'm in such a great place in my life and am surrounded by the people I love. Our friendship was so pivotal in my growth and ability to love the important people in my life! I miss you girl; you're still golden in my heart.
  • Last night the BF was lying in bed and looked uncannily like Phil Collins. I swooned!
BBC vs. Phil
  • I've NEVER been tubing! This summer needs to be the summer I finally do!
  • This weekend I learned the slang term, "spunk". Coincidentally, my mum said that she liked the new BF's spunk.
  • I have absolutely no desire to watch Magic Mike. Just an FYI!

Wedding Weekend Wrap-up

Man alive, this past weekend was hectic! My sweetie and I went to Houston, he met the family, Rich turned 70, and Alan is officially a married man!

Friday night's birthday bash for Rich was at George's Bar. Beth did an excellent job with catering and planning the party. You can't go wrong with $1.50 well drinks, sailor hats, and tons of umbrella'ed straws. BBC and Matt were a hit with the gay crowd. I couldn't help but be jealous when the boys in the bar started checking out my man; they were far from discreet about it. Heads and necks were craning to get a look and Brandon's bum. So naturally I flashed back to a John Hughes movie and put my hand in his back pocket to establish ownership.

Saturday was a stormy blast. I wish I had been able to sit on a patio and enjoy the torrential rains in Houston, but we had wedding festivities to attend. Eunkyoung looked breathtakingly gorgeous and  I don't think I've ever seen Alan happier. The wedding was beautiful and the reception at the Hotel Icon was full of drinks, old friends, delicious food, dancing, and was ended on a high note in the key of Bubba Sparxxx.
BBC and LD
The beautiful bride

Lacey, Veronica, Tom, LD, Beth
The ladies: LD, Beth, Eunkyoung, Veronica (with space orb), Lacey

My sweetie looks so suave!

The happy couple: Alan & Eunkyoung

The BF did great with the parents. He's such a sweetie!