Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wednesday for the Weekend

It's Wednesday and this week Wednesday is my Friday! That's right, I am headed off to Houston for a weekend full of celebration. In honor of my excitement, here is a copy of my itinerary and some other random things that make me smile.

  • Friday afternoon BBC and I will be eating lunch with his brother. I'm pretty excited, but also nervous as this will be the first family member of his I'm going to meet. I get to meet mom and dad in the fall, so I can express that anxiety when the time comes.
  • Friday night is Beth's daddy's 70th birthday which is plenty of reason to party. Happy birthday, Rich!

Rich and Beth at Christmas dinner with my family 2008
  • After the birthday shenanigans, Beth, Matt, BBC, and I will stay the night at my mum and dad's house which means the boys will probably have a guitar playing, booze swigging, bonding fest while the girls sit by and sip along. My mum and dad adore Beth and Matt and will be meeting BBC for the first time. The BF and I are both pretty excited about that part.
  • Alan and Eunkyuong's wedding is Saturday; congratulations, you two! I'm really excited for the both of them. It makes me so happy knowing that the people I love have found their match and I wish them a long and happy future together.
  • Saturday night is sure to be an extended fun-filled party. BBC has a small list of places he wants to go (Rudyard's and Notsuoh) and with the LC crew being together again, I'm sure the group will be bouncing around downtown. 
  • Sunday morning BBC and I will meet up with my father and step-mom for breakfast and also make the rounds to see my sister and her family. After this weekend the only immediate family member he will have left to meet is Granny, which is not yet on the agenda.
  • Sunday is also sweet Madilynne's 6th birthday. I'm not completely sure we will have time to fit it in, but if we can you bet your behind we will be rushing down her huge water slide with big grins!

That's about it for our weekend plans. It's going to be a busy one, but I'm also hoping to fit in Mamacita's (my favorite restaurant in the WORLD) and some Stayten/Merlin time.

Now in closing, watch this old video of me from 2009. I thought I was posing for a food-face photo, but JJ was filming instead.

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