Thursday, June 14, 2012

Looking Forward

Once again, my blog has been neglected.... I'm too busy being smitten with my BF. I keep waking up and feeling like I've never been so lucky in all my life. Okay, enough gushing. Here are some upcoming events that I'm looking forward to:
  • Alan and Eunkyoung's wedding. I've very excited for these two!
Eunkyoung and Alan
           BBC will be attending the wedding with me in Houston and will also be meeting my
           family.  Not just my mum and dad, but the entire family: sister, father, step-mom,
           nephew, and niece. He isn't nervous at all! Honestly, he doesn't have anything to
           worry about. My family is great and he is such a sweet guy; they're sure to love him.
           How could they not love him when he will be petting my mum's cats, playing Dire
           Straights with my dad, and will enjoy the relaxing day drinking chats that are a
           regular on our back patio.
  • Next week is our lady dance fest with Robyn!!!! All my Robyn-loving ladies will be in attendance (Jessica, Julia, Lela, Madison, Pam...) and I'm outrageously excited about dancing to the real thing.

  • Today the BF is recording for an upcoming release with Daniel Francis Doyle and that excites me. I've dated boys in bands before and never really got excited about their projects, but BBC is awesome and it pumps me up to see him successful and what he loves. Here's a little snippet of another band he's in, Gospel Truth (P.S. he's the drummer):

  • One more video to round it out.......

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