Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wednesday for the Weekend

It's Wednesday and this week Wednesday is my Friday! That's right, I am headed off to Houston for a weekend full of celebration. In honor of my excitement, here is a copy of my itinerary and some other random things that make me smile.

  • Friday afternoon BBC and I will be eating lunch with his brother. I'm pretty excited, but also nervous as this will be the first family member of his I'm going to meet. I get to meet mom and dad in the fall, so I can express that anxiety when the time comes.
  • Friday night is Beth's daddy's 70th birthday which is plenty of reason to party. Happy birthday, Rich!

Rich and Beth at Christmas dinner with my family 2008
  • After the birthday shenanigans, Beth, Matt, BBC, and I will stay the night at my mum and dad's house which means the boys will probably have a guitar playing, booze swigging, bonding fest while the girls sit by and sip along. My mum and dad adore Beth and Matt and will be meeting BBC for the first time. The BF and I are both pretty excited about that part.
  • Alan and Eunkyuong's wedding is Saturday; congratulations, you two! I'm really excited for the both of them. It makes me so happy knowing that the people I love have found their match and I wish them a long and happy future together.
  • Saturday night is sure to be an extended fun-filled party. BBC has a small list of places he wants to go (Rudyard's and Notsuoh) and with the LC crew being together again, I'm sure the group will be bouncing around downtown. 
  • Sunday morning BBC and I will meet up with my father and step-mom for breakfast and also make the rounds to see my sister and her family. After this weekend the only immediate family member he will have left to meet is Granny, which is not yet on the agenda.
  • Sunday is also sweet Madilynne's 6th birthday. I'm not completely sure we will have time to fit it in, but if we can you bet your behind we will be rushing down her huge water slide with big grins!

That's about it for our weekend plans. It's going to be a busy one, but I'm also hoping to fit in Mamacita's (my favorite restaurant in the WORLD) and some Stayten/Merlin time.

Now in closing, watch this old video of me from 2009. I thought I was posing for a food-face photo, but JJ was filming instead.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Robyn Recap

Last summer my adorable co-worker and friend, Jessica, introduced me to Robyn, the quirky Swedish pop/dance star, and ever since I've been a huge fan. I even recorded a cover of Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend for my 30th birthday, which sounded about as bad as you could imagine a disco album from Nico would be. Since last summer, Jessica and I have been kicking ourselves for not seeing Robyn on the Katy Perry tour and were overjoyed when her show at ACL Moody Theater was announced. We adjusted our entire work day (and Friday beer lunch schedule) to make sure that we bought tickets the second they went on sale. Last night was everything I'd hoped for, and more....


It takes two hands to count all my Robyn loving ladies and yet I still ran into friends at the show that I didn't know were hip to her Cobrastyle. (Yes, Jon Chapman I am talking about you!) Until last night I also never realized how much "the gays" LOVE Robyn. I don't think the Moody Theater has ever seen so many sequins and 6" heels before. I honestly felt like a 16 year old again, but this time I was legally drinking $6 beers at a well-organized rave with plenty of public restrooms.

Lela, Pam, Jessica, and I met up pre-show and were pretty antsy waiting for Robyn to come on. There was no mention of an opening band beforehand, so when local band Feathers came out we escaped to the patio while Lela held her ground front and center. After nearly 20 minutes of trying to establish our floor space during Robyn, we had finally found the perfect spot when a neon-orange-tanked dancing queen forced his way from the back of the crowd and stopped directly in front of us. Sure it was annoying, but we simply moved and continued to dance in the 5 square inches of space we still had. 20 minutes later, he once again pushes his way through the crowd and Pam had been on her best behavior about as long as possible. A simple, "dude, you're being rude" was not interpreted well and this guy starts furiously air humping Pam and screaming, "This is a gay show!" over and over again. A few people nearby were trying to calm him down to no avail so I thought I'd give it a try myself, which once again was not well received. Our angry twink then starts furiously twirling and air humping both Pam and I and is dramatically insisting that our differences be settled with a dance-off. Yes, this enraged concert attendee demanded a dance-off! Having never been summoned to a dance off I think I handled it pretty well; I did a spin and then chest bumped him, which sent him into a fury and he karate chopped me in the throat. The nearby onlookers were appalled and admitted they wanted to "school him", but couldn't sacrifice even a second of the Robyn show, so I sent for security and he was kicked out. If only he wasn't wearing that neon orange American Apparel tank top, he wouldn't have stuck out in the crowd. It all felt so dramatic, but then the security guard told us that he had been starting shit throughout the night and they were pleased to eject him. Needless to say, I had a freakin' blast. The entire venue was dancing and singing along with every song, which normally annoys the hell out of me, but since I couldn't stop singing myself it was perfection.

My night only got better when I fell asleep and had a romantic Robyn dream. She didn't have those strange Sailor Moon hair tendrils in my dream and was very sweet and kissable. Our romance was exactly like the Hang With Me music video, except there was a pug puppy.

In more Robyn dance-off drama news, Jessica did her famous internet sleuthing and sent me the Twitter link to the dance-off dueler's tweets. It's pretty exciting to read his live tweet play-by-play of the altercation: https://twitter.com/#!/danielp1

I only have one regret from last night; I wish we would have gotten a ladies group photo!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Moments

This weekend just flew right by! I wish it was still Saturday, but alas most of us have to keep working for the weekends. Here are some of my favorite moments from this weekend:

  • Stayten texted me this adorable picture of Merlin, who I miss terribly; that sweet, dumb little dumpling of a cat!

Merlin Kiss

  • The BF and I got into our first fight!! I'm a brat and he is the sweetest man I've ever met and it makes me happy that our first fight was 3 months in and resolved quickly. Afterwards we had make-up pina colada inspired cocktails with Karen at Javalina and danced to Quintron!
  • While at St. Roch's this weekend, BBC and I overhead the most interesting phone conversation I might have ever eavesdropped on. We were a handful of cocktails into our evening and completely dumfounded by this 24 year-old-ish Bobby Hill look-a-like discussing the awesome knuckle tats (O-B-I-T-U-A-R-Y) he is planning as a result of his exploding $1,000 bank account. Of course, he was wearing crocks with socks, smoking a cigarette without inhaling, and dropping f-bombs like it was the only adjective in his vocabulary. At one point we were laughing so hard and started writing down the things he was saying so we wouldn't forget how unforgettable this character was. Needless to say, our drunken notes aren't as well dictated as they seemed at the time. Favorite quote Super computers are f-ing tits, dude.
  • I watched Parks and Recreation with Julia for the first time. We finished season one and will be watching season two shortly. I had trouble focusing with all the pigeons. Seriously, I may have a pigeon problem because I couldn't help myself and squealed every time there was one sitting on a trash can or window sill. They were in nearly every scene! I am currently researching the pigeon actors online with the hopes of getting more information about these scene-stealers.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Facts

  • Since I've been smoking my electronic cigarette, I've been chain smoking at my desk throughout the work day. Currently, I'm up to a pack a day. I'm not entirely sure I should be worried, but still..... This habit is getting more expensive than smoking actual cigarettes.
  • Yesterday I was craving a pizza, so I did pilates instead and then thought about rewarding myself with a pizza afterwards. I ended up eating somewhere between 1 and 2 cups of white rice with the hopes that I would forget about the pizza. Bad idea! After being stuffed full of rice, all I could think about was how I wished I had eaten pizza. I'm still craving pizza!
  • Yesterday for lunch Karen made me a delicious turkey sandwich. Thanks, girl!
  • The UT Club will be hiring over 100 bartenders for football season. Let me know if you are TABC certified and are looking for some part time work in the fall. You would be required to work 7 different Saturdays between August and November at the home games (dates to be determined). Good, quick, easy mooolah.
  • I'm hungry, I'm very hungry!
  • My blog seems to be going downhill rapidly. I will try to do better.
  • I love this freakin' song:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Looking Forward

Once again, my blog has been neglected.... I'm too busy being smitten with my BF. I keep waking up and feeling like I've never been so lucky in all my life. Okay, enough gushing. Here are some upcoming events that I'm looking forward to:
  • Alan and Eunkyoung's wedding. I've very excited for these two!
Eunkyoung and Alan
           BBC will be attending the wedding with me in Houston and will also be meeting my
           family.  Not just my mum and dad, but the entire family: sister, father, step-mom,
           nephew, and niece. He isn't nervous at all! Honestly, he doesn't have anything to
           worry about. My family is great and he is such a sweet guy; they're sure to love him.
           How could they not love him when he will be petting my mum's cats, playing Dire
           Straights with my dad, and will enjoy the relaxing day drinking chats that are a
           regular on our back patio.
  • Next week is our lady dance fest with Robyn!!!! All my Robyn-loving ladies will be in attendance (Jessica, Julia, Lela, Madison, Pam...) and I'm outrageously excited about dancing to the real thing.

  • Today the BF is recording for an upcoming release with Daniel Francis Doyle and that excites me. I've dated boys in bands before and never really got excited about their projects, but BBC is awesome and it pumps me up to see him successful and what he loves. Here's a little snippet of another band he's in, Gospel Truth (P.S. he's the drummer):

  • One more video to round it out.......

Friday, June 8, 2012


I think my favorite trend of 2012, so far, has been the resurgence of Selena. On the 13th anniversary of Selena's murder, Bernadette's threw an amazing tribute party. Letty, Stayten, Jacob, JJ, and I danced our asses off and it still is one of the most fun nights I've had all year. Coincidentally, this happened a couple months after I had a ladies movie night viewing of the Selena movie. Letty and I started talks about a Selena cover band, but since I have zero talent, I took it upon myself to just re-create Selena outfits in my spare time. Just to refresh your memory:

Since then, I have missed the Dikes of Holland's Selena tribute multiple times! They even played at a Cinco de Mayo party that I slept through (too much de Mayo day drinking). Last night, however, the BF and I went to 29th Street Ballroom and I finally got to see them. My first thought, while the lead singer is not Letty, she is Hispanic, loves Selena as much as we do, and does a pretty damn good job. However, her wardrobe needs some major assistance; her outfit was comparable to an Elvis impersonator wearing sweat pants. That being said, I would love nothing more than to rhinestone bustiers and assist with styling. Regardless, I am their new biggest fan. The next show is for Mitch's birthday at Trailer Space on June 21st and I will be there in rhinestones and hoop earrings! 

Even more coincidentally...
Yesterday before heading out to the show I turned on the television and this video was playing on cable access:

The Austin Chronicle ran this column about a local designer's Selena shirt:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tidbit Scraps

  • I recently switched from an eyebrow pencil, to powder. I hate my eyebrows; they're kind of invisible/nonexistent. I don't even pluck or wax them because each hair is that important to my face. FYI: I definitely prefer the powder to the pencil.
  • I may be a terrible Texan. I rooted for Oklahoma City Thunder to beat the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA conference finals and they won! I'd like to blame James Harden for being so cute...
#13 bay-bee

  • I've been doing a lot of shopping lately for men's suits. The BF and I will be going to Houston at the end of the month for a formal wedding. FORMAL! He's leaning towards a brown suit and I can't wait to see how sharp he looks fancified; he cleans up real nice, y'all.
  • Loving this music video:

  • Last summer, I asked Julia if I could borrow her beautiful Remington Rand typewriter for a year, and to my surprise she said yes! It's absolutely gorgeous and I've fallen in love with it. Take a looksie:

  • Well, last week I got a late birthday present from Beth and I love it! It's a Smith-Corona Galaxie 12. It's a pretty awesome typewriter with interchangeable keys and lots of formatting functions. I'm a formatting freak, so this is really going to make my typewriter projects as precise and perfect as I desire.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Frog Stamps

I lived in Jacksonville, Florida as a kid for several of years and I remember being fascinated with the squashed summer toads in the roads. Frogs were my favorite animal back then and I had a collection of live ones in shoe boxes in our carport, but the dead frog stamps fascinated me even more. Several weeks ago I was so excited when I found a frog stamp just outside of my driveway. Naturally, my first inclination was to save it! Yes, I save all sorts of strange things: human hair, laundry lint, snail shells, every pigeon feather I walk past. It never even occurred to me that a collection of smashed, sun-dried, frog carcasses could be crossing the line. The BF calmly told me that he thought it was disgusting even though he has been very understanding with my collections, even saving my own hair and used popsicle sticks for me. When I told him I thought about stringing collected frog stamps along my fence as a garland, he didn't even mention that it was Chainsaw Massacre-esque. (However, he wasn't exactly thrilled when I suggested he put his toe nail clippings in a jar.)

Frog Stamp

It was settled, I would hunt and collect frog stamps this summer, so naturally, I loaded my purse with empty Ziploc bags so I could start collecting the corpses. I found two frog stamps off Red River on Sunday and picked them up the same way you would use a plastic baggie to pick up doggie doo. Ironically, I don't think the dead shell of a toad is gross in itself, but I certainly am grossed out at the idea of touching them with unprotected hands. As soon as the two frog stamps were in the bag, I abandoned the idea entirely. They looked absolutely disgusting! Sometimes things in nature look much better in their own environment; frog stamps belong in the streets.