Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trapped in Ladies Movie Night

Last night I hosted what perhaps was the most ridiculous ladies movie night yet. We watched R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet, drank champagne and Arbor Mist, and dined on Church's finest fried chicken. I'm not really a chicken eater, but words cannot express the mouthwatering deliciousness of fried chicken skin! I love it so much that I ate the skin straight off of Julia's plate (she's more in control of her diet than I am). Last night was Bridget and Anne's first movie night and our "film" couldn't have been more appropriate. Yes, we watched all 22 chapters! Poor Gina and Emily J. didn't realize it was a rock opera, but quickly caught onto the lyrical genius of R. Kelly's same word rhyming: closet with closet, club with club, gun with gun... We did have a drinking game planned, but if we drank every time someone was actually in a closet none of us would have been able to walk at the end of the night.

Chicken and biscuits

Letty with Arbor Mist, NYC vintage 2011
Letty and I are completely sold on the idea of creating a stage version of Trapped in the Closet, but decided our Austin version should be multicultural with the role of country bumpkin Bridget being played by an Asian. I, of course, called dibs on the role of the lesbian diner cook and Tuan tattle-tale, Roxanne.

By the end of the night, we were all talk-signing in tune with R. Kelly's diction, but fortunately this morning the music and rhythm has escaped my memory and I can live my life without repeating the last word of my sentences with fading out harmonies.

So, in review, here are some of my favorite moments:
My favorite chapter is 13 and the musicality of the ending gives me goosebumps..... "Girl, that hoe is meeee-eeeeh"

So, in the end everyone gets the "package." What the hell is the package?! Ladies night consensus is AIDS. I'm going to have to do some google research to confirm.

Ladies and gentlemen, you too can watch this epic rap opera, which is available in it's entirety through Netflix. The BF watched it the day before the ladies did and he, too, was a little hooked on the rhythm. Also, as sweet as he is, he recommended that we have cherry pie at our ladies movie potluck since the desert is featured as a plot twister. He's great, he's all mine, and I'm completely smitten!


B to the E said...

Thank you LD for hosting/your cherry pie was the most and/I'm still trapped in a closet of rhyming/too bad I have the worst timing/I didn't have sex with that midget/even if my name is Bridget... Bridget... Bridget...

Lauren Darcy said...

Real talent girl.... you've got it!