Monday, May 7, 2012

Tidbits From the Weekend

  • Cinco de Mayo started early this year! (About 3pm on Friday the 4th) BBC, Emily J., Josh, and I filled our faces with chips, guacamole, queso, salsa, and plenty of delicious margaritas. Then I went home to do this with the kitties:

  • Saturday Jessica and I inspired an early morning meet up at Tamale House before hitting up the Blue Hanger for some much needed thrifting. Matt, JJ, BBC, Jessica, and I chomped down on tacos and Frito pie at 9am, even though BBC and I didn't get to sleep until 6am from the night before! The BF was a zombie, but I think my brain is fueled by Frito pie and tall boys, so I was definitely ready to kick-start the day. The best part of our breakfast, hands down, was bumping into Cara, Matt, and Posey. I haven't seen sweet Po in so long and that little cutie has gotten big!
  • Cinco de Derby? Derby de Mayo? BBC took me to a combo Kentucky Derby/Cinco de May party Saturday afternoon: pinatas, fancy hats, tamales, cucumber sandwiches, and the most delicious frozen mint margaritas. I walked in expecting to know only few people there, but ended up finding some of my favorite people lounging in the back yard: Karen, Truman, Letty, and Chad.
Discussing Chechnyan politics with T-bone

Letty and Truman <3

  • I made a delicious breakfast (including mimosas), eaten in bed, Sunday morning:
Cheese grits topped with ham, fried egg, and scallions

  •  Here, look at this photo of BBC and me watching Karen, Letty, and the gang playing kickball. Sunday was absolutely beautiful so we spent the day at the park, followed by some swimming. Happy weekends make for a happy girl...

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