Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Memorable Memorial Day

I had a lovely 3-day weekend and would like to thank Memorial Day for the extra day.

Friday night Jacob celebrated his birthday at Rio Rita a couple days early, as that jet setter will be in Iceland for his actual birthday. JJ and I weren't really feeling the late night party and left early, but not before stopping off at the White Horse so I could buy a pair of boots off the bartender. When you wear a size 10, you jump at shoe opportunities as they arrive and Lori was selling a beautiful pair of cognac Frye campus boots for a fraction of their value.

Saturday night I helped the BF tend bar at the Austin Variety Show. It's kind of a strange event: in the deserted Highland Mall, free beer and food, game show, comediennes, live music.... I didn't do much more than pump a keg and pass out beer, but it was still exhausting. I joked about it being, "bring your girlfriend to work day," and I'm now in full support of going to work with your BF/GF to get a better idea of what they do; it was pretty informative. My man is serious about his job, means business, works hard, and at nearly 40 he has more energy than I can pretend to! I ended up bailing on him around midnight and slept in the car until he finished up.

Sunday I only left the house to get a pedicure with Pam. It was a gloriously lazy day in bed.

I grew up in Galveston County and spent 3 childhood years in Florida, so I'm a water baby through and through. The perfect summer day for me is a day at the beach with a cooler full of beer and snacks, and that is exactly how I spend Monday. BBC and I met Emily J., Josh, Karen, Letty, Truman, McVay, Gina, and crew at Austin's premier "secret beach," which isn't much of a secret, but is a lovely little sand beach off the Colorado Riverbed. We narrowly escaped the sunburn, but the inch worms and bugs were out in full force. I was attacked by this a prehistoric beetle:

It was a perfect Memorial Day, until Gina and I saw a huge snake in the water. We weren't wasting any time getting out of the river when the man holding the snake clarified that he didn't find it in the water, but rather it was his pet. I still couldn't get back in the water....

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