Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

  • This is how I feel today, except I'm wearing a dress, not a tie.

  •  This morning, Jessica referenced this Rhianna songs as being like my love life:

         I think my love life might be more like this Rhianna song at the moment:

         I'm not entirely sure I like Rhiana.
  • I am patiently waiting for my turn to get to be Beyonce. I would really like that. I mentioned this Thursday night at Trailer Space and was eloquently schooled by Mack, "Don't be Beyonce, be Be-You-Eh?"
  • I saw a squirrel's face on Saturday; adorable nose, long black whiskers, cute little mouth... The face was on AT's back porch and had been eaten off from the rest of the body. It's was pretty disgusting.
  • I'm back on steroids.... beware!
  • Saturday, at the 11th annual Eastside Boil, Julia peeled and ate her first crawfish!
JJ, Caroline, LD, and Matt

  • Sunday was baby Calipee's baby shower. It was great seeing Meredith and Raf for one last backyard cookout before the kiddo comes.  I fell in love with their chickens, Maggie and Kate. They were the fluffiest and friendliest hens I've ever met.

Maggie on the left, and lovely laced Kate on the right

  •  And now, for the madness that is the month of May-hem. It's gonna be a big month for me, so I better rest up!

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