Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

  • I miss Stayten!
  • Today I had an appointment with my favorite doctor. He's great at remembering tidbits of information about my life, working around my hatred of steroids and love of hydrocodone, and is generally amazing at his job. Today he thought it would be interesting to browse my weight history for the last five years. In February of 2007 I weighed 135 pounds, 137 in February 2011, and 151 in February of this year. He told me that 30 year old women need to monitor their beer intake if they want to maintain "a pleasant weight," and I'm just going to assume he was telling me random information rather than a personal suggestion to stop getting fat.
  • I want to live in the water this summer... live at the beach, soak up the sun... booze, beach, fun!
  • I was ridiculously excited when I found out Meat Loaf would be playing this summer at the ACL Moody Theater. As if that wasn't enough, now Robyn will be playing the day before! It's going to be a magical summer, I can feel it:

Robyn is the cutest, ever. Cute Robyn gifs HERE

  • Amazon prime is amazing: free 2 day shipping on most items with membership! I've practically stopped going to the store for anything other than "food". Last week I bought tampons, cat litter, gum, bubble bath, wrapping paper, three presents for friends, and a vacuum. 
  • Yesterday I received a robot phone call survey requesting my opinion on the upcoming presidential election. There is no doubt that it was from Mitt Romney's campaign. Here are some of the questions I was asked and my answers:
    • Would you identify yourself as a member of the Tea Party? NO
    • Do you believe the liberal media is influencing the public to vote for Barrack Obama? NO
    • Are you doing better then you were four years ago? YES
    • Do you think stay at home mothers have a full time job? NO
    • If you had to vote tomorrow, would you vote for Mitt Romney? NO
    • Would you like to pay more taxes? NO, duh!
    • Would you identify yourself as pro-life? NO, you're annoying me stupid robot!
    • I'm sorry, we didn't understand your last response. Please respond with simply Yes or No. (This is when I hung up) 

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