Friday, April 20, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits on Friday

  • Apparently, "not toasted" sounds exactly the same as "toasted" when ordering a bagel.
  • I've become itchier than normal lately, primarily on the tops of my feet and portions of my back that I'm unable to reach.
  • While returning an item to the UT Campus Computer store, I was schooled on regional Ebonics (bear with me as I will be typing phonetically). Supposedly you can tell what region of the south a person originates by the way they say everybody: errr-body vs. air-body
  • A couple weeks ago, in a moment too intimate to share, my accidental BF and I began pretending that I was carrying his child and starting calling the imaginary brat David Bowie. Last week we changed the name to and I think that was a brilliant idea.
  • My current favorite animal pictures: 
Pug secretary

Nikola Catsla

  • When referring to myself in the third-person, I typically use the name, "Fatty". In college, it was "Drunky". For example, "Fatty is really upset that Hole in the Wall no longer opens for lunch at 11am so Drunky can have a burger and beer for lunch on Fridays."
  • I know you are all wanting clarification, but NO, I did not eat two pieces of cake at today's staff appreciation luncheon. I only had 1.5 pieces! I don't really like sweet things, but I am weak when it comes to lemon curd and this cake was filled with it. 
  • In December Julia, Stayten and I were obsessed with the Gotye song, Somebody I Used To Know. I'm probably still a little obsessed with it as it's the story of my last breakup... right down to my friends picking up my records and all the whiny, complaining requests to "be friends". So when Beth sent this to me, I couldn't help but wish I wrote the article: America's Number One Pop Song Reads Like a Crap Email From a Dude.

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