Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tidbit Catch Up

I haven't blogged in over a week. I guess I've been too busy livin', y'all! So, here are some tidbits to catch you up with my life.

  • Dear Friends, don't swim in filthy water. And if you must, don't urinate in it. JJ and I both got sick after the religious experience in the church fountain last weekend. I was blessed with a hellacious UTI, which quickly turned into a kidney infection exacerbated by my chronic illness. I am certainly beginning to question what the Lord's plan was for my affliction, but fortunately with the help of medical science I was healed after a few restless days sick at home. I spent a lot of time home, sick, and mopey last week. That's all I'm going to say about that!
  • Good Friday was certainly good to me! BBC, Stayten and I spent the day at the Colorado River beach and had a blast. Here's an Instagram photo essay:

Puppy chin nibbles

BBC, LD, Stayten

Our newest friend Brooke, the backflip-at-the-beach-bitch
who is red hot gorgeous and sunbathes on a golden
satin comforter.

Sarah the dog being burried by her mum. She loved this, but
hated pretzels.

BBC and the LD's booooo-tay

Stayten in a hippy hammock

  • JJ and I started off another Saturday with beers, tacos, and Frito pie at Tamale house. It's nearly impossible for me to sleep past 7am on a Saturday regardless of what time I fell asleep the night before, so it's really nice to have an early morning breakfast buddy. Also, starting a Saturday off with JJ usually means an epic day-drinking, sunshine soaked, bicycle booze cruise. Stayten and Ryan joined the caravan at Clementine before we headed to Rio Rita for the cocktail hour with BBC and Julia. 
  • Saturday night was a debaucherous blast with The Golden Boys record release party at Red 7 and I got to see lots of faces that I love. Gina, Bridget, Tofte and I danced until the sweat was dripping off my back. Perhaps Tofte and I had a little too much fun, since both of us passed out on a couch at some point through the night. It was nice to know I could just take a quick nap and then be whisked away by BBC.

Kisses from Tofte

  • Sunday was a slow moving day for me. I slept until noon, which is just a testament to the hangover I had since I'm normally bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7am. Pam and Wells had a delicious Easter BBQ with deviled eggs, burgers, pineapple margaritas, Amy's ice cream cake (my contribution), champies, and an easter egg hunt. Technically, I found the most eggs at the hunt (11), but since I also had the most rotten eggs (filled with cat food and Band-Aids) I automatically lost. I had a really lovely time.
  • After Pam's, I rushed over to Yellow Jacket in hopes of petting some baby goats at the Easter petting zoo, but was too late. There were plenty of puppies to hold my attention, however, and I even got to see the Easter bunny!

Hoppy Easter, y'all!

  • Last Easter Beth, Matt, and I hung out with our families in Houston and they surprised me with an Easter basket and gifts. This year Beth went to Houston alone, but she didn't forget the basket!!!! She came straight to Yellow Jacket from Houston and I ate candy while the boys played with Easter toys. It was fun. Look at this amazing Peep diorama! 

Inspired by Botticelli's Birth of Venus

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