Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stay Stayten, Stay

Nine months ago I met one of my newest best friends, Stayten. She escaped from Bryan College Station and moved into my old bedroom at the Emilaurison legacy house with Julia and Alison (currently Casa Tomellows). We all instantly fell in love with her (and her sweet, dumb cat, Merlin).

Stay and Mer
Today Stayten is moving to Houston and it bums me out pretty hard. She accepted an awesome job offer and is excited about the move, so I'm trying to be excited for her. The last week has been a last effort to fit in all the fun we can before she abandons me: bar hopping, taco-eating, beer pounding, and beach living. 

Beach shenanigans with BBC, LD, Staytie

This past Friday, we had a going away party at Rio Rita and I made Frito pie cupcakes per Stayten's request. They turned out pretty good... yum!

With my girl!
Jacob, LD, Stayten
Striking poses
More vogue-in

Last night we said our farewells over a dinner of asparagus, salami, pickles, Lone Star, and chili lime-flavored chips. I'm sad about losing my girl, but I know Stayten will be visiting Austin often, I now have more reason to head out to Houston to visit my family, and we're planning a righteous beach house party for the summer!

Multi tasking: Stayten cooking, drinking a beer, and
eating a sandwich
My farewell present, Merle the squirrel sheriff

I love you, girl. It certainly won't be the same without you.....

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