Monday, April 2, 2012

The Gospel

I'm not a religious person. I wouldn't even say that I was spiritual. I'd even go so far as to say that I pity those who are religious, however, I had quite a gospel-inspired Sunday!

JJ, Matt, and I started out our morning with tacos and beers. Unfortunately, I forgot that Tamale House was closed on the sabbath and we ended up having a very uninspiring breakfast at Paco's Tacos before making the most of our sunny day swimming. We had some outdoor, clawfoot bathtub soaking time and lots of laying out in the sun with beers while signing negro-spiritual inspired gospel songs. To be completely honest, I think JJ and I are a musically dynamic team when it comes to rapping, chopping & screwing, country songs, children tunes, and now gospel music. We should put out a generally offensive, multiple music genre album.

Our next stop on Sunday's God-inspired train wreck was Church's chicken with Matt and Ashley! I had one and a half pieces of fried chicken, 3 biscuits, mashed potatoes, and cole slaw. I don't eat chicken much because it freaks me out for unexplainable reasons, but our fried fowl feast was heavenly.

After Church's we decided to take the plunge and baptize ourselves in the water of the Lord at the Promise Land church off 51st street. I suppose that technically it wasn't a "pool" nor did the hands of God wash away our sins, but we sang more gospel music, drank some beers, and I peed in the holy waters of Christ. Our worship pool is now my favorite place to go swimming and we're thinking about grillin' some weenies fountain-side for Easter Sunday. Bring the kiddos!

JJ can't quite walk on water, but he's a great floater!
Note to self: don't take bathing suit photos after eating so
much Church's chicken!

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