Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weekend Welcome!

I'm counting down the days until my weekend begins, and it's gonna be a big one!

Originally, I had hoped to be able to attend the 2012 Mutter Ball in Philadelphia. Sweet Shannon said she would bus in from NYC and attend with me, but my lack of organization got the better of me and I spent all my travel monies. I'm still mourning the loss of that job :( .

Missing the Mutter Ball, however, is completely made up for by Bernadette's party in honor of the 17th anniversary of the death of Selena. I have been looking forward to this party for about 17 years now! I'm a Houston girl and a BIG Selena fan. Just last month I had a ladies Selena movie night and Letty and I sang every single song. I remember Selena's performances at the Houston Rodeo, listening to all the girls in choir sing her songs, and watching auditions for the movie at the Astrodome when I was in the 6th grade and wishing, desperately, that I looked more like Selena than Peppermint Patty. Finally, on Saturday, I can pretend to be Selena with other white girls! I've already started working on my outfit and am making great use of the rhinestones leftover from my Bar Mitzvah. Here is my inspiration:

It takes 3 pairs of high-waisted, control top pantyhose to equal 1 pair of Selena pants! Beware, the little amount of ass I have will be on display in epic form. (I'm 100% considering the use of accentuating pads.)

In last minute news, it looks like I will be going to San Antonio tomorrow with the "accidental boyfriend" for a quick getaway. I haven't actually been to San Antonio other than just passing through on the way to Fiesta Texas, so I'm a little excited about it. However, I have no clue what is up his sleeve, so that is a little worrisome. My dream getaway includes swimming and booze, so I'm pretty easy to please.

Sunday marks payday and words cannot express how excited I am about that. I have a huge laundry list (including laundry) of payday chores I've been putting off and I can't wait to finally TCB.

UPDATE: Selena party was a blast!!!! Here's a pic of my costume

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