Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wedding Fever

Macaroni and cheese, I'm excited! I think it's fair to say that the pre-wedding celebration has started. Beth and Matt will be getting married on Saturday and the guests are arriving in Austin from as nearby as Houston and San Antonio, to as far away as California and Dubai! Fortunately, I don't have to go further than Mopac.

Yesterday Roadhouse (AKA Jeremy) got into town from Oakland. It's been about 4 years since I last saw him and I forgot how much I love him! He's been away from Austin for about 6 years now and his "Texas is Hell" opinions have certainly changed. He was shocked that we didn't lock car doors when leaving the vehicle (even though it was still in sight) and he even thinks our "ghettos" look like a high-class sanctuary compared to the urban dump of Oakland. Our crackheads of 12th and Chicon are nothing to fear. I'm just going to go ahead and throw my prediction out there: $50 says he moves back within the next 4 months.

Last night only a few of us were able to welcome our Roadhouse. We met up at Clementine for some beers, which quickly turned into a group reunion over tacos at El Chilito. The party didn't last too long, since Jacob, JJ, Stayten, Sam, Adrienne, and I all had to work this morning, but I can't wait to leave the office and get some more Roadhouse action! Beer shot-gunning must commence.

Tonight is the bachelor/bachelorette party. I'm going to be honest, I'm a little disappointed by the couple's maturity in planning. I was hoping for shots, drag queens, strippers, and lots of penis-themed chotchkies and I'm pretty sure that the groom's boys were hoping for nearly the same. Instead, we will be having a lovely co-ed dinner party followed by a night of dancing at the Broken Spoke. It's going to be great and I can't wait to dance with the old men at the 'ole Spoke. There's an unspoken rule that you cannot turn down an invitation to dance and that makes this gal happy.

Oh, it's going to be a great weekend and I'm so happy to watch one of my bestest friends get married! While Beth and I grew up in the same city with all of the same friends, it wasn't until I moved to Austin 6 years ago that we met. It was an instant friendship and she's been like a sister to me ever since. I thought having her move to Austin this past May was good enough, but having Matt join our "family" is an added bonus. Congratulations you two!

Our 1st SXSW together, 2006 at the Roky Erickson ice
cream social. I've had a lifetime of fun with this bitch.
Love you, Beth!

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