Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wedding Days and Wedding Nights

This weekend was so much fun, I'm feeling sad to be back to reality.

I started the weekend on Thursday with the bachelorette/bachelor party. Dinner at Shad and Leigh's was delicious and I danced up a storm at Broken Spoke and White Horse afterwards. I don't think I've spun in circles so many times in one night without being hungover the next morning.

Bruce, Julie, Leigh, Bryan, Beth, and all our dirty dishes!

Bridget, Candice, Brittany


Wes likes'a the sauce'a

Gina and LD

Gina and Olive!

The crew started arriving in Austin on Friday with Roadhouse from Oakland, Brittany from San Francisco, and Alan and Tom from Houston. The ladies were pampered during the day with mani/pedis, we had a wonderful rehearsal dinner with Beth's father and family, followed by a good old fashioned drinking binge Friday night.

Shang photo booth
with Karen

Friday night I accidently tripped over a cable that was locking down a bench at Rio Rita and busted my knee, again! Jessica said it best when she said I fall too much.


Apparently, I play guitar with injured knees!

Saturday was hectic, to say the least. Everybody pulled together early in the morning to decorate and set-up. The Zilker Clubhouse looked absolutely gorgeous, along with the bride, Beth. I'll have to say, she certainly held herself together. The schedule was absolutely tight and she showed pure grace under fire. Of course, as the control-freak in our relationship, I felt like I was running around in the dark. Julia's cakes were delicious, Tom's BBQ was mouth watering, and the party was great! With so many of the League City crew in place, I felt like it was only appropriate for my toast to include our traditional celebration of shot-gunning beers to welcome Matt into our "family."

The 1st kiss

Brittany and LD

Stayten, LD, and Julia... look at this view!

I had the prettiest date there! Me and Jessica.

Mrs. and Mr. 

I'm so mad at myself for not taking more photos, especially one with Beth! I'll wait in anticipation with my fingers crossed that one of the professional photographers snapped something. It was one of the best wedding I've been to and I couldn't be happier for my bestie and her man.

Surely the party continued into the wee hours of the early morning, but I quickly retreated for some personal activities of my own. Like my dad said, "Is it true about the bridesmaids?" and I can only interpret that to mean that the single ones snatch up something on the side. It was the least I could do since I didn't catch the bouquet.

Sunday we said our farewells to the out-of-towners, but I still had Roadhouse for another day. We soaked up the sunshine and boozed it up. After a day of drinking, I went to bed early, but was still too busted to make it into work on Monday. So naturally, Monday turned into another sunny day of booze, massages, booze, chicken fried steak, and booze before sending Jeremy back to Oakland. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him shortly.


Beth and Matt are honeymooning in Puerto Rico right now and I wish they would have taken us all with them. I wish the best for them and am so happy to have been a part of their special day. Until next weekend......

Here's my wedding theme song to get me through the upcoming week:

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