Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Last week was nuts, but that's how SXSW always goes. It feels very nice to be back to the regularity of work and the relaxation of routine. So, keeping with tradition, here are my Tuesday tidbits:

  • Jessica, JJ, and I all agree that the new Taco Joint near campus is delicious. Nothing makes me happier than a creamy, green, mild salsa and they have a great one! JJ puts their tacos on the top of his very, very short list of great tacos and Jessica is in love with the fish taco. Personally, I wish they served chips and salsa because their 5 different kinds are my main crave. Fresh, handmade tortillas and delicious meats... yum!
  • I know how horrible these shoes are, but that doesn't stop me from having wanted a pair from the first moment I saw them. Of course I would only wear them around my house and hidden underneath cowboy boots to save myself from the humiliation, but I still want a pair:

Vibram Five Fingers

  • I only had one houseguest during SXSW this year. Greg's GF, Yea-ming stayed with me for a couple of days and we hit it off immediately. I think he gave her a pretty good description and warning about me, so she knew exactly what to expect and we ran off to play as soon as she landed. I simply adore her and already wish she was back in Austin. Until my summer visit to Oakland/San Fran....

Yea-Ming, AT, and LD
Cow, Tiger, and Scared faces

  • While in town, Yea-Ming was promoting a movie she co-stars in, Daylight Savings. I went to the premier with BBC on Thursday and we both really liked it. To be honest, I've seen a lot of movies that my friends have either filmed, produced, written, or stared in and not all of them have been good. This one was great; cute, whimsical, and a completely believable and natural romantic comedy. I got a copy of the DVD as schwag and I'll certainly be watching it again.
  • For the upcoming Staff Appreciation Luncheon in my department, there will be a baby photo identification contest. Here's my submission.


  • Many of my friends know that I have been working my ass of for the last 5 years trying to get out of credit card debt. I maintain a pretty strict budget and have two jobs. The last two months, however, I've gone well over my budget (birthday and SXSW) and am feeling the pitch of my tightened purse strings. I currently don't have a single, whole dollar to my name until the 30th. On a brighter note, I did pay off another credit card and will be out of debt May 1st! 
  • Don't watch this video unless you want to vomit. TLC's My Strange Addiction featuring a pee drinker.

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Karissa said...

Those tacos sound oh-so-yummy!
Good for you for getting out of debt.